State Regulations for Maryland

Date Revised: 11/27/2023

Governing Body:

Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene | Youth Camp Certification

License Required for Day Camps :
License Required for Resident Camps:
Criminal Background Checks Required:
Criminal Background Checks Information:

CJIS-Central Repository
P.O. Box 32708
Pikesville, Maryland 21282-2708

  • No fee for required agencies- must become authorized agency
  • Full (State and FBI) Staff-$31.25 plus fingerprinting fee
  • Full-Volunteer- $29.25

CPS Background Clearance Form — Create myDHR and Submit Electronically

*Important update from Maryland CPS:

"DHR has created an online portal to facilitate the submission and processing of Child Protective Services (CPS) Background Clearance Requests for youth camps.  DHR and DHMH are requiring that all CPS background clearances be completed through this online portal.  Paper forms submitted to DHR in 2017 are being returned to camp operators with a cover letter."

A How-To Guide for using myDHR

State Allows FBI Checks:
State FBI Checks Text:

An individual can obtain a national FBI check through the contact agency's Web Site. The cost is $36.00 for volunteers who work with youth. The cost for individuals who do not work with youth is $42.00. Results are returned within 4–6 weeks.

Driving Record Checks:

Available through Maryland's Motor Vehicle Administration's Web Site.

State Sex Offender Registry:

Maryland Sex Offender Registry

Minimum Wage:

$15.00 per hour, as of January 1, 2024

Localities may have higher minimum wages. 

Minimum Wage Coverage and Exemptions:

Covers all employers and employees (including state and local government employees) unless specifically exempt; Exemptions: non-administrative resident and day camp employees at organized camps; volunteers or non-employees for educational, charitable, religious or nonprofit organizations; employees; employees under age 16 in part-time or vacation jobs for not more than 20 hours a week

Maryland Minimum Wage and Overtime Law Poster 

Subminimum Wage:

Employers covered by the FLSA may pay $4.25/hour to employees under age 20 for the first 90 consecutive calendar days of employment. Commissioner may issue rates for learners and apprentices (but not less than 80% of minimum wage), and for certain handicapped workers (under special certificates; “sheltered workshop” or “work activities” certificates issued by labor department must be filed by employer within 10 days of receipt).

Overtime Pay Requirements:

1½ times regular rate after 40-hour week. Agricultural farm workers exempt under FLSA: 1½ times regular rate after 60 hour week.

Overtime Pay Exemptions:

Those employees exempt from the state minimum wage; certain amusement or recreational establishments, including swimming pools

Meal/Rest Period Requirements:

No general provision. Minors: 30 minute rest period if working 5 consecutive hours.

Student Exemption from Unemployment Tax:
Student Exemption Information:

Wages earned by an individual who is enrolled in a full-time educational program that combines academic instruction with work experience, which is an integral part of the educational program are exempt.