State Regulations for North Dakota

Date Revised: 01/19/2024

License Required for Day Camps :
License Required for Resident Camps:
License Information:

North Dakota Division of Food and Lodging

Summer Camp Application available for camps operating in Bottineau County, Burke County, McHenry County, McLean County, Renville County, Sheridan County, and Ward County.

Criminal Background Checks Required:
Criminal Background Checks Information:

North Dakota Attorney General
Bureau of Criminal Investigation

PO Box 1054
Bismarck ND 58502
701 328-5500
800 472-2185

Requesting a Criminal History Record Check

$15 per record check ($5 for non-profit charitable organizations exclusively for the benefit of children and vulnerable elders)

State Allows FBI Checks:
Driving Record Checks:

Request for Driver Abstract from the N.D. DOT.


State Sex Offender Registry:

North Dakota Sex Offender Website

Minimum Wage:

$7.25 per hour

Minimum Wage Coverage and Exemptions:

Covers all employees unless specifically exempt; Exemptions: employees of nonprofit camps that are directly youth-related and intended for educational purposes; guides, cooks, and camp-tenders for hunting or fishing guide services; students working parttime

Subminimum Wage:

Commissioner may issue special licenses setting subminimum rates for students/learners in vocational or related programs (but not less than 85% of state minimum wage) and handicapped or disabled workers in community rehabilitation/work training programs.

Overtime Pay Requirements:

1½ times the regular rate after 40-hour week; State or local government employees may receive compensatory time off in lieu of overtime pay in accordance with the FLSA.

Overtime Pay Exemptions:

Bona fide executive, administrative, or professional employees; employees who spend at least 51% of their time providing direct care to clients of a shelter, foster care, or other related establishment which primarily provides temporary shelter, crisis intervention, prevention, education, and fellowship; certain artistic professionals; certain teachers, instructors, tutors, and lecturers

Meal/Rest Period Requirements:

Meal period: 30 minutes after 5 hours’ work where there are 2 or more employees, unless collective bargaining agreement provides otherwise.

Student Exemption from Unemployment Tax:
Student Exemption Information:

Exemptions - Services performed for a school by students enrolled in the school or performing services in a work-study program.

Additional Info:

N.D. Cent. Code § 34-06-01