State Regulations for Vermont

Date Revised: 12/20/2018

Governing Body:

Vermont Department of Health

Vermont Department for Children and Families, Agency of Human Services

License Required for Day Camps :
License Required for Resident Camps:
License Information:

Day Camps:

Likely exempt from Early Childhood Program regulations--see Regulations


Resident Camp:

Guide to Operating a Food and/or Lodging Establishment in Vermont

Food Service Establishment Health Regulations


Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation: Find your Local Permit Specialist

Criminal Background Checks Required:
State Allows FBI Checks:
State FBI Checks Text:

Organizations who work with children can obtain a FBI fingerprint search per the National Child Protection Act. Cost -$15.25 for volunteers, $19.25 for employees plus a $15 fingerprinting fee. Results are returned within 4-6 weeks.

Information available at the Vermont Criminal Information Center website.

Driving Record Checks:

An individual can obtain their Driving Record by downloading the Record Request Form . The cost to obtain a certified, 3-year record is $14 and the cost for a complete driving record is $20.

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

State Sex Offender Registry:

Vermont Sex Offender Registry

Minimum Wage:

$10.50 per hour

Minimum Wage Coverage and Exemptions:

Covers employers with 2 or more employees; Exemptions: employees in public-supported nonprofit organizations (except laundry employees, nurses’ aides or practical nurses); students working all or part of the school year or during regular vacation periods; bona fide executives, administrators, or professionals

Subminimum Wage:

Commissioner or wage board may set subminimum rates for learners, apprentices, and the handicapped.

Overtime Pay Requirements:

1½ times the regular rate after 40-hour week (amounts paid for board, lodging, apparel, tips, rent, and utilities may be deducted from the overtime rate, as determined by wage order).

Overtime Pay Exemptions:

Those employees exempt from the state minimum wage; certain retail or service establishment employees; certain amusement or recreational establishment employees

Meal/Rest Period Requirements:

Meal and rest period: reasonable time during work periods to eat and use restroom.

Student Exemption from Unemployment Tax:
Student Exemption Information:

Services in student work experience programs - performing services as part of the school’s academic program.  Services by students in regular attendance at the educational institution that employs them or by spouses of students if the spouses are employed as part of a financial assistance program for the students.
Some services performed by students for organized summer camps.