State Regulations for Wyoming

Date Revised: 8/30/2022

Governing Body: Department of Family Services | Division of Early Childhood

License Required for Day Camps :
License Required for Resident Camps:
License Information:

Day and Residential Camps:

Only nonprofit summer camps are exempt from licensure

Child Care Licensing

Wyoming Statutes, Title 14 - Children, Chapter 4 - Child Care Facilities, Article 1 - Child Care Facilities Certification

Criminal Background Checks Required:
Criminal Background Checks Information:

Camps that are subject to the child care licensing rules are required to

More Info

Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation
316 West 22nd St
Cheyenne, WY 82002
(800) 676-6856

Wyoming Statutes, Title 7 - Criminal Procedure, Chapter 19 - Criminal History Records

Fingerprint searches only

  • Employees-$15 plus $5 fingerprinting fee
  • Volunteers- $10 plus $5 fingerprinting fee
State Allows FBI Checks:
State FBI Checks Text:

Only applicable if authorized through state statute. Available through the state system. Fees vary. Results are returned in 6 weeks.

FBI Website

Driving Record Checks:

Request form is available online.

Fee of $5

State Sex Offender Registry:

Wyoming Sex Offender Registry

Minimum Wage:

$7.25 per hour

Minimum Wage Coverage and Exemptions:

Covers all employees unless specifically exempt.

Exemptions: executives, administrators, and professionals; federal and state public employees; volunteers or nonemployees for educational, charitable, religious, or nonprofit organizations; minors under age 18; part-time workers (i.e., 20 or less hours a week)

Subminimum Wage:

At least $4.25/hour for minors under age 20 for the first 90 days of employment (then pay minimum wage).

Overtime Pay Requirements:

No specified state-level requirements. Federal FLSA ovetime pay requirements apply for those covered by Act.

Overtime Pay Exemptions:

No specified state-level overtime page requirement exemptions. Federal FLSA overtime pay exemptions apply for those covered by Act.

Meal/Rest Period Requirements:

No specified state-level meal/rest period requirements. Federal FLSA meal/rest period requirements apply for those covered by Act.

Student Exemption Information:

Details. Wyoming 42-2-202