ACA Camps Set the Standards

Parents nationwide recognize the importance of ACA accreditation when choosing a camp for their child, and they expect you to reach far beyond the minimum state and local regulations. ACA-accreditation status is solid proof of a camp's accountability, credibility, and commitment.

Use key messages and scripts to keep parents tuned to the value of your accreditation status in every operational aspect of your camp from programming to staff training.

ACA's Find a Camp database receives thousands of unique page views per day! ACA-accredited camps are recognized with the accreditation logo on this interactive search tool for parents. Find-A-Camp provides parents with a better choice in camps and a direct link to your camp. Camps should be proud and promote their accreditation to the public.

Strategic Planning
ACA accreditation is an educational tool, an industry benchmark, a best-practices solution, and a learning formula for your camp staff. Strategic planning for your camp is simplified; policies, procedures, and practices are established; and your staff is responsible for ongoing implementation – a dynamic instructional process for any camp!

Exclusive Discounts
Recoup your investment in accreditation through discounts on services you can't do without – group purchasing of food service contracts, propane, office supplies, building and cleaning supplies, staff recruitment, and product savings through ACA business partnerships and vendors.

Professional Development
It is proven that involvement in professional organizations in any field of expertise develops well-informed, better educated staff. The accreditation process and membership in ACA are invaluable tools for success. 

Professional ties and the opportunity to network with your colleagues are incredible benefits – get involved! Learn more, understand more, and discover more . . . become a standards visitor – be a mentor to camp staff and witness how other camps operate.