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Annual Accreditation Report (AAR)

The Annual Accreditation Report is an educational tool and annual non-visit year touchpoint that focuses on camps' on-going improvement of their policies, procedures, and practices.

Risk Management and Insurance: Vehicle Risks

Camp vehicle risks are among the scariest for camp owners, directors/risk managers, and insurance company underwriters because the risks to which camp vehicles are exposed are not entirely within...

Closer Look Videos

On-demand video library breaking down different topics of standards to explore the meaning, context and gain helpful hints to build your standards knowledge and confidence.

Accreditation Related Trainings

Accreditation Learning opportunities for individuals working with their camps on the accreditation process and training opportunities for prospective and current accreditation volunteers.

On-Site Visit Preparation

For camps that are seeking accreditation for the first time, or maintaining their accreditation with their on-site visit, this in an overview of the steps to take in a visit year.

Camps Preparing for an On-Site Visit

Use the helpful resources below to guide your visit preparation.

Timeline for On-Site Visits

Learn about the important due dates, requirements and estimated time investment to prepare for an on-site visit through maintaining your accreditation.

On-Site Visit Expectations

Tips and tricks to prepare you and your camp community for the day of the visit.

Accreditation Academy

Expand your learning and professional development via accreditation and standards by using the tools and resources in the Accreditation Academy.

Accreditation Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the ACA-Accreditation program. Without Accreditation Volunteers, the American Camp Association would not be able to implement the Accreditation program. ...