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4 Tips for Counselors to Transition from Summer Camp to Fall

The transition from your crazy-busy summer to the fall season can be tough! It's good to remember these 4 tips.

Handling Campers' Homesickness

According to author and psychologist Michael Thompson, PhD, 97 percent of children experience at least some occasional homesick feelings at camp. Considering that statistic, you’ll probably have...

10 Rainy Day Activity Ideas

The fun doesn’t have to stop when it rains! If you’re looking for some ways to spend a rainy day at camp, try these activities out.

5 Ways to Prepare for Summer NOW

Don’t wait ‘til you get to camp to start being the best counselor ever. 1. Check out this infographic.   2. Sign...

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2023 Staff Training Issue of Camping Magazine

Each year, the May/June issue of Camping Magazine is devoted to staff training — perfect for Staff Orientation!

Summer Camp Jobs: Why Work at a Camp?

Does this describe you or someone you know? You love the outdoors. You love hiking and biking and sailing. And — your good friend says you're great with kids. If you relate to this, then there'...

The Pressure of Camp

The positive pressure one experiences at camp is something rare and hypnotizing. Friends at home call what you are doing a summer holiday, but you know the work is tough and comes with daily...

The Case of the Melted Fingerprints

My first time working at summer camp, in fact during my first week, I melted off every one of my fingerprints. I was only 16 at the time, and I remember feeling shocked that this could actually...

ACA’s Raise the Bar Initiative: Capturing the Magic of Camp in Tangible Data

Matthew Smith is the camp communications and strategy director at Longacre in Pennsylvania, and cohort leader (along with Scott Brody, owner/director of Camps Kenwood and Evergreen in New Hampshire,...