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Accreditation Volunteer Resources

Use these resources to help you in your ACA Accreditation Volunteer role.

Welcome to the Digital Cabin: How New Technologies Can Deliver a Better Summer Experience

Technology and camping? Hearing those two words together often sparks ire among camp management. “We don’t allow our kids to use techie toys!” you declare. Of course, unless you run a computer camp,...

Electronic Medical Records in the Camp Setting: HIPAA Considerations

One of the pervasive considerations with electronic medical records (EMR) is protecting the privacy of the individual. People seem to get very nervous about security issues with electronic records,...

Ten Ways to Make Great Use of Your Summer Photos

Remember all of those amazing photos you took last summer? Now is the time to put them to good use. If you took thousands of photos, or even if you only took a few hundred, the first step in making...

High Anxiety: Are Smartphones Upping the Angst Ante?

An Interview with Nancy Cheever, PhD Nancy Cheever, PhD, is a professor and chairperson in the Communications Department at California State University, Dominguez Hills, and the 2018...

Droning On — Important Resources for the Use of Drones at Camp

Drones are a great tool for camps, both for use in programming and in collecting valuable footage of your property for use in a camp marketing video. Relatedly, some camps find themselves in the...

Maybe Not Inevitable: A Case for Technology-Free Summer Camp

In this Camping Magazine article, Matthew Pines discusses the benefits of technology-free summer camp.

"It's the Best Part of Camp": Camper Views on Smartphone Policies

As camp directors, we instinctually know that the experience is much better without smartphones and technology, but what do the campers themselves think?

Visit Assignment Tools & Resources

Here is information, tools, and resources to help best prepare yourself for any assigned accreditation visits.

Virtual Program Resources — COVID-19

ACA has compiled of virtual programming resources to help with summer 2020 planning.