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Camp Security

According to the US Department of Justice (DOJ), the incidence of violent crimes committed against and by children and youth continues to rise in America. This alarming data has youth-serving...

Talking with Children about Tragedies, Death, and National Disasters

Top Tips for Camps  Establish a mental health support network. Build relationships with community mental health resources prior to your camp season. Have...

Responding to the Media about the Emerging Issue of Public Violence

Media Tips for Camps Support from ACA. Refer media inquiries about this very sensitive topic to the American Camp Association Administrative Office.  ACA has trained...

Resources for Camps about Public Violence

ACA has compiled a list of resources for camps to help deal with crisis response and dealing with public violence.

Talking with Parents about Protecting Their Children at Camp This Summer

Key Messages for Camps Camps are communities where nurturing adults support children emotionally and are committed to their safety and well-being. As camp professionals, we are painfully aware...

Crisis Response - Tips for Camps

Top Tips for Camps Create a crisis response plan. Prior to your camp season, develop your plan. With the proper resources and planning, you can minimize many of the...

CampWire Podcast Episode #1 - National Conference Preview

The American Camp Association introduces Episode 1 of the brand new podcast, CampWire. Listen to President/CEO, Tom Rosenberg, preview our National Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

CampWire Episode #2 — Research 360 with Laurie Browne

Listen to the second episode of CampWire as our Director of Research, Laurie Browne, discusses #Research360 and the future of ACA research.

CampWire Episode #3 — Marketing and Media at Camp with Mike Lang

Listen to the third episode of CampWire as the Director of Marketing from Camp Tecumseh discussing marketing and media at camp.

CampWire Episode #4 — Dan Lee on the Mississippi River

Dan Lee is paddling the Mississippi River to send kids to accredited camps. ACA had the unique opportunity to interview him while he was paddling and talk about this motivation behind the trip, his...