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Milk Allergy: Three-Year-Old's Death Sparks Expanding Food Allergy Protection Laws

Bubbly and energetic three-year-old Elijah Silvera attended a New York City daycare center. He had a severe milk allergy, which his daycare employees were aware of and had documentation for. Despite...

Lawfully Recruiting and Hiring the Best Candidates

These 10 tips can help you throughout the staff hiring process.

Creating an Experience for Potential Summer Staff

It's not enough to just post online that your camp is hiring — here are tips for creating an experience that will help you recruit staff.

Straight from the Horse's Mouth: What University Students Have to Say about Working at Camp

This blog offers tips from three university students about how to recruit college students as camp staff.

Allergies Go Beyond Foods: What to Watch in the Camp Setting

We are all well aware of food allergies being a top concern for children, and especially those who are away from home at camp. Camps have worked hard to ensure that top food allergens are either...

Becoming an Accountable Recruiter

Hiring the right people is key to successful camp operations.

The New Normal: Rethinking Staffing Communications

These tips can help you increase your job post visibility and attract more prospective staff candidates.

Your Website May Not Appeal to Staff: Here’s What To Do About It

These tips can help you update your website in a way that appeals to prospective camp staff.

Tree Nuts: Beloved Holiday Baking Ingredients, Formidable Food Allergens

Thirteen-year-old Reese Langer enjoyed camping, swimming, and volunteering, and was a proud cheerleader. The Eagle, Idaho, cheerleader had a regular habit of checking foods that possibly contained...

"This or That" Reflection for Staff Hiring and Recruitment

The "This or That" game encourages folks to make a decision given only two choices. We invite you to think about each “this or that” with regards to your own staffing strategies to gain insight for...