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The Value of Discomfort — Creating a Learning Environment for Camp Staff

“I don’t feel safe discussing this topic, and if a camper wanted to discuss it, I would just tell them that and redirect them to something else.” – Camp Staff 2023 I was leading an...

Camp as the Ultimate Internship: A CEO's Perspective

For the past 27 years, I have had the profound honor of serving as the CEO and cofounder of The Redwoods Group — a mission-driven insurance company. We were created to prevent kids from being...

A New Tool to Measure Burnout among Overnight Camp Staff

The Camp Counselor Burnout Scale is a nine-item self-report questionnaire that captures experiences of burnout among overnight camp staff.

There Is a Camp Out There for You!: #WorkAtCamp Inaugural Virtual Event

Tuesday, April 9 marked the first-ever #WorkAtCamp event co-hosted by ACA and Chaco Footwear. This virtual gathering was open to all and offered an...

How to Optimize Performance on Job Boards Using Keywords

In this blog, we will share tips for how to create a comprehensive keyword strategy so you can get the most out of your recruitment efforts on job boards.

From Cabin Counselor to Risk Manager and Effective Collaborator: Translating Camp Job Skills to Your Resume

In December, fellow Hoosier camp professional Sam Hirt (Camp Tecumseh YMCA) wrote...

A New Kind of Camp Culture

When international staff work at your summer camp, it's important to consider cultural differences such as context, social hierarchies, concepts of personal space, individualism versus collectivism...

Couch to Camp: Help Your Staff Better Prepare for Your Program’s Summer Marathon!

A precamp program could help your staff be better prepared for camp once summer starts.

Transforming Outdoor Organizations: A Journey into Human-Centered Hiring and Belonging

Human-centered hiring is includes not only external recruitment but is also deeply connected with internal work, organizational culture, and the pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Dynamic Interviewing: Making Connections Across the Season

If you’re not referring to your interview questions across the season and turning them into outcomes for your staff, let me tell you why you should.