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Change: A Tool That Makes a Big Cultural Impact

In many ways, the majority of camps are alike. Camps are places deeply rooted in tradition and history, often with fields, sport and non-sport programs, water-based activities, and food programs. But...

Feel the Burn: Spotting and Responding to Staff Burnout

Working at camp requires a lot of energy. Here are tips on how to prevent staff burnout.

Stay Sun Safe This Summer

Sunshine is synonymous with camp. It can be healthy, and it can lift your spirits — but the sun can also be dangerous. Sunlight produces ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can lead to changes in the...

Why Hiring Gap Year Students Should Be Your Next Camp Recruiting Move

People who have recently completed a gap year may have gained valuable skills that can lead them to be successful in a camp job.

Engaging and Investing in Staff Before Campers Arrive

In support of Project Real Job, one camp shares what staff engagement techniques have worked for them.

Should You Offer Camp Staff a Retention Bonus?

A retention bonus is money offered to staff with the goal of giving them incentive to stick around.

Working at Summer Camp: Keeping the Fire Alive

Journalism student Dan Gray shares his experience working at camp and interviews camp professionals about the staffing shortage.

Superpowers of Music for Mental Health

Making music can benefit our overall well-being and mental health.

Milk Allergy: Three-Year-Old's Death Sparks Expanding Food Allergy Protection Laws

Bubbly and energetic three-year-old Elijah Silvera attended a New York City daycare center. He had a severe milk allergy, which his daycare employees were aware of and had documentation for. Despite...

Lawfully Recruiting and Hiring the Best Candidates

These 10 tips can help you throughout the staff hiring process.