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Does Summer Camp Have to Perpetuate Junk Food Culture?

"Junk food” is a term we often use to describe highly processed or ultra-processed food that likely has “many added ingredients such as sugar, salt, fat, and artificial colors or preservatives. '...

Why Working at Camp as a Premed Student Is One of the Best Decisions I Have Ever Made

"Camp has provided me with deeply meaningful friendships, many networking opportunities, valuable people skills, and it has had an enormous positive impact on my mental health."

Staff Recruitment in a Digital World: Harnessing the Power of Camp Staff Influencers

Camp Manito-wish YMCA recently implemented a camp staff influencer initiative in order to recruit more summer camp staff.

How to Use Texting to Recruit Candidates for Camp

If you're not already using text messaging as part of your summer camp staff recruitment efforts, check out these reasons to consider doing so and tips on doing so effectively. Disclaimer: The...

The Power of Engaging Diversity by Hiring International Exchange Visitors

The world has 206 sovereign states — are you maximizing the opportunities for diversity at your camp?

Top 25 Staffing Solutions Gathered through Collaboration

Highlighted here is a curated collection of great ideas about how to recruit and retain staff — a direct result of the last two years of conferences and various collaborative brainstorming sessions...

Next Summer's Staff Recruitment Starts Today

Research suggests college-aged students are already thinking ahead to employment plans for next summer, so it's important to have conversations about the future with staff you'd like to return to...

Change: A Tool That Makes a Big Cultural Impact

This blog post in support of Project Real Job discusses evaluating your camp culture and how to implement change.

Feel the Burn: Spotting and Responding to Staff Burnout

Working at camp requires a lot of energy. Here are tips on how to prevent staff burnout.

Stay Sun Safe This Summer

Sunshine is synonymous with camp. It can be healthy, and it can lift your spirits — but the sun can also be dangerous. Sunlight produces ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can lead to changes in the...