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Your Website May Not Appeal to Staff: Here’s What To Do About It

These tips can help you update your website in a way that appeals to prospective camp staff.

Considerations for Implementing Mental Health and Behavioral Supports at Camp

If you’ve been thinking about adding behavioral or mental health supports to your program, you’ve also probably realized that the devil is in the details. Supporting mental, emotional, and social...

Tree Nuts: Beloved Holiday Baking Ingredients, Formidable Food Allergens

Thirteen-year-old Reese Langer enjoyed camping, swimming, and volunteering, and was a proud cheerleader. The Eagle, Idaho, cheerleader had a regular habit of checking foods that possibly contained...

"This or That" Reflection for Staff Hiring and Recruitment

The "This or That" game encourages folks to make a decision given only two choices. We invite you to think about each “this or that” with regards to your own staffing strategies to gain insight for...

With Seasonal Recruitment, Timing Is Everything

When is the optimal time to recruit for staffers who are not familiar with your camp, or maybe even with the camping industry in general?

MESH Mechanics That Spur Personal Development in Campers and Staff

We can support mental, emotional, and social health for the entire camp community by taking it one step at a time.

Can We Do Even Better When It Comes to Mental Health?

Running a camp is one of the world’s most awesome responsibilities. Awesome, because what’s a cooler job than running a camp? Also awesome because the responsibility is so big that it can be...

Camp Counselor Skills Are Professional Skills

As we work to connect with potential camp staff members, it is important to make sure they truly understand the value of working at summer camp.

CDC Releases Updated COVID Guidance for Day and Overnight Camps

ACA encourages all camp operators to review this updated guidance and make any necessary adjustments to their COVID protocols for this summer to protect the health of campers and staff and ensure the...

You Might Not Know It, But Recruitment for Next Summer Starts Now!

Learn more about how to start recruiting for next summer during this summer's camp session.