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2023 ACA Staffing Summit

Save the date for 2023! Additional details and registration coming soon! ACA Inc., ACA, New York and New Jersey, ACA, Illinois and ACA, New England are proud to present the 2023 Staffing Summit...

Camp Wildfire Discussion Group

Please join the conversation on the wildfire threat to camps.  We will discuss mitigation grants, legislative issues and discuss preparedness topics from the recent ACA, Wildfire Symposium....

Why Hiring Gap Year Students Should Be Your Next Camp Recruiting Move

People who have recently completed a gap year may have gained valuable skills that can lead them to be successful in a camp job.

CampCounts 2022 Report

CampCounts 2022 is the latest iteration of ACA’s annual business and industry research survey, which aims to support camp professionals in their operational decision-making and to support ACA’s...

Crisis Communications — All of the Accidents, Traumas, and Challenges of Summer

Join us to get up to date on triaging crisis communications, identifying your spokesperson, and determining your audiences. Come and learn more about responding to media inquiries and how to...

Working at Summer Camp: Keeping the Fire Alive

Journalism student Dan Gray shares his experience working at camp and interviews camp professionals about the staffing shortage.

The Ultimate Guide to Staffing Your Kitchen

It’s not you. With a 3:1 ratio of available culinary positions to applicants, the labor shortage for kitchen staff continues to be a harsh reality. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the...

Lawfully Recruiting and Hiring the Best Candidates

These 10 tips can help you throughout the staff hiring process.

Creating an Experience for Potential Summer Staff

It's not enough to just post online that your camp is hiring — here are tips for creating an experience that will help you recruit staff.

Straight from the Horse's Mouth: What University Students Have to Say about Working at Camp

This blog offers tips from three university students about how to recruit college students as camp staff.