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Quality Improvement in Action: Improve

The last phase of the continuous improvement cycle is “improve”. This is where the magic happens and steps to improve can be discovered! Using learnings from the reflection process during “plan”, key...

Quality Improvement in Action: Plan

The third phase of the continuous improvement cycle is “plan”. This important step in the process is dedicated to review and reflection. After assessments are completed, digging into the data and...

Cyber Week Webinar Promotion

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Quality Improvement in Action: Prepare

  The first phase of the continuous improvement cycle is “prepare”. In this phase, camp professionals should ensure organizational readiness to engage in assessments and improvements....

Quality Improvement in Action

Camp is a setting where many young people feel safe to be themselves and supported to engage in new and exciting activities. This doesn’t just inherently happen, but instead must be created through...

Continuous Improvement and Program Quality: Lessons Learned

Program quality (PQ) is essential to youth programs, and research shows that high-quality programs are directly linked to more positive outcomes. PQ refers to the environment that is created at...

2020-2022 Camp Program Quality Initiative

Funded by the Lilly Endowment, Inc., ACA began a special project to explore and develop systems that support camp professionals in promoting positive youth development through camp experiences.

Continuous Quality Improvement

In my decades-long career as a camp professional and outdoor educator, one of my favorite parts has been problem-solving. How can I, in whatever role I find myself, help make the camper experience...

Key Takeaways from Pulse Survey — Summer 2022 Trends and Issues

The survey asked questions about enrollment and campers, camp staff, and budget and operations.

Learnings and Gaps Identified through the Camp Program Quality Initiative

Here are some recent learnings and identified gaps related to the Camp Program Quality Initiative.