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Creation Justice

Join others who are engaged in environmental justice and build your local grassroots community - The Creation Justice Movement is emerging at this kairos moment to connect and...

NASA GLOBE Goes to Camp's Summer Long Temperature Data Collection

Join summer campers from over 30 GLOBE camps across the United States as they collect air temperature, soil temperature, surface temperature, and water temperature data ...

Leave No Trace: Education and Inclusion Approaches to Strengthen Your Camp Program

Leave No Trace, the best-known stewardship education program on US public lands, helps to make people a conservation solution through easy, actionable practices that reduce negative impacts.

Green Camp Needs Assessment

When it comes to setting the standard for green buildings, the US Green Building Council (USGBC) is leading the way through its promotion of sustainability in the design, construction, and operations...

Carbon Almanac for Kids

No Child Left Inside Movement

4-H Nurturing the Power of Nature

Download the full three-lesson The Nurturing Power of Nature Activities series.

Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education

The Nature Specialist: A Complete Guide to Programs and Activities

The Nature Specialist is a comprehensive, fully explained program of nature activities, developed by the author through long experience as a teacher and camp naturalist. An Activities...

Nature-Oriented Activities: A Leader's Guide (4th Edition)

Hundreds of hands-on activities promote ecological conservation, stewardship, and respect without sounding like lengthy lectures. Educators will be well equipped to instill environmental...