Standards at a Glance


The Standards-at-a-Glance is only a basic reference and represents a general overview of the ACA standards.  Not included in this document are the specific details, contextual education, to whom the standards apply, and compliance demonstrations for each standard.  Do not utilize this document for accreditation preparation or maintenance – only the Accreditation Process Guide (APG), 2019 Edition, should be used.

Disclaimer: The American Camping Association (ACA), Inc. provides guidelines, but cannot and does not specifically monitor continued adherence to those guidelines. Nor does ACA, Inc. warrant, guarantee, or insure that adherence to guidelines will prevent any or all injury or loss; nor does ACA, Inc. assume any responsibility or liability for any such injury or loss. Further, ACA, Inc., hereby disclaims any responsibility, liability, or duty to persons or organizations using these resources for any such liability arising out of use of these materials. In addition, ACA, Inc. is not in a position to independently verify that use of these policies or procedures will alone provide a basis for adequate compliance with ACA standards. Such compliance can only be verified by comparing the policies and their implementation to current practice in the camp(s) in question by an on-site visit.

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Standards-at-a-Glance, 2019 Edition (November 2019)


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