Online Courses & Recorded Webinars Catalog

Our online courses and webinars are ideal for program providers working in camps, after-school programs, parks and recreation programs, and other summer learning and out-of-school time settings.

Title CECs Type
2019 FLSA Update: New White Collar Salary Rule and 13(a)(3) Seasonal Exemption 1.00 Recorded Webinar
An Important Discussion on the State of the Camp Insurance Market COVID-19 Webinar
A U.S. Secret Service Agent’s Guide to Creating Safe Camps 1.00 Recorded Webinar
ACA Visitor Huddle: AAR Revew Process 0.50 Recorded Webinar
Accreditation Office Hours Recorded Webinar
Avoiding the Parent Trap: Working with Difficult Parents 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Awesome Apps and Cool Tools Every Camp Needs to Know v. 2019! 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Awkward Conversations: What to do with Interfering (Intervening) Parents 1.50 Recorded Webinar
Back to the Basics: Creating a Cohesive Staff Community 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Become a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Virtual Camp Champion COVID-19 Webinar
Behavior Management That Works! Effective Strategies for Campers with Special Needs 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Block the Blaze 1.00 Partner Online Course
Building an Army of Asking Ants! 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Building Healthy Relationships with Parents: What Every Camp Needs to Know 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Business and Financial Strategies in the Age of COVID-19: For Nonprofit Camps COVID-19 Webinar
Business and Financial Strategies in the Age of COVID-19– For Profit Camps COVID-19 Webinar
Business Basics for New Camp Directors 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Camp and the FLSA "White Collar" Exemption 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Camp Director Certificate 20.00 Certificate Course
Camp Director Package 2.0 8.00 Online Course
Camp Finances in the Age of COVID-19 COVID-19 Webinar
Camp Is a Business! Featuring ACA Business Operations Courses Package 6.00 Online Course
Camp Is for the Camper 2.00 Online Course
Camp Middle Manager Package (2.0) 6.50 Online Course
Camp on a Resume: Help Staff Get it Write 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Camp Preparedness 2020- Discussing the Essentials for Covid19: Quarantine Operations, and Emergency Planning for this Summer COVID-19 Webinar
Camp Risk Management Tips That Are Sure to Make Your Insurance Company Happy! 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Camp Staff Member Package (2.0) 7.75 Online Course
Camp Staff Safety in the Age of #MeToo 1.00 Recorded Webinar
CampSafe: Online Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training for Staff 2.00 Partner Online Course
Child Protection 101: Responding as a Camp Professional 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Closer Look: Annual Accreditation Report for Camps 0.50 Recorded Webinar
Closer Look: Annual Accreditation Report for Reviewers 0.50 Recorded Webinar
Closer Look: Bridging 0.50 Recorded Webinar
Closer Look: Facility Fun 0.50 Recorded Webinar
Closer Look: Healthcare at Camp 0.50 Recorded Webinar
Closer Look: Layers of Protection 0.50 Recorded Webinar
Closer Look: Transportation Practices 0.50 Recorded Webinar
Communicating with your Camp Families, Staff, and Alumni during COVID-19 COVID-19 Webinar
Communications, Marketing, and Social Media Package 5.00 Online Course
Coronavirus Considerations for Camp COVID-19 Webinar
Coronavirus Considerations for Camp: The Conversation Continues COVID-19 Webinar
Coronavirus Guidance from the U.S. Small Business Administration COVID-19 Webinar
COVID-19 & Aquatics – Exploring Impact & Changes for Summer 2020 COVID-19 Webinar
COVID-19 California Forum COVID-19 Webinar
COVID-19 Can’t Cancel Inclusion COVID-19 Webinar
COVID-19 Cascadia Forum COVID-19 Webinar
COVID-19 Heart of the South and Midwest Forum COVID-19 Webinar
COVID-19 Northeastern Forum COVID-19 Webinar
COVID-19 Northland, Wisconsin, Great Rivers, and St. Louis Forum COVID-19 Webinar
COVID-19 Rocky Mountain & Southwest Forum COVID-19 Webinar
COVID-19 Southeastern Forum COVID-19 Webinar
COVID-19 Texoma Forum COVID-19 Webinar
COVID-19: Your Camp’s Legal Questions Answered COVID-19 Webinar
Crisis Communications for Camps in the Time of Coronavirus COVID-19 Webinar
Critical Things Staff Need to Know about Bullying Prevention 1.00 Online Course
Day Camp Director Certificate 20.00 Certificate Course
Day Camp Innovation at Its Best 1.00 Online Course
Demystifying Google Analytics: Discovering what really matters in your digital marketing 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Designing Quality Youth Programs 1.00 Online Course
Disability Inclusion During Covid-19 | Strategies for Camp and Recreation Programs COVID-19 Webinar
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Package 8.50 Online Course
Effective Supervision Skills for Senior Staff 1.00 Online Course
Entry-Level Program Staff Certificate 15.00 Certificate Course
Essential Advice for Working Remotely During COVID-19 COVID-19 Webinar
Eval 2020: Tricks and Trends for the Next Decade of Camp Evaluation 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Experienced Program Staff Certificate 15.00 Certificate Course
Explore! Mars with NASA through Hands-on Activities 1.50 Recorded Webinar
Exploring Virtual Engagement COVID-19 Webinar
Fill Your Camp Before Summer! Last Minute Social Media Marketing Tips for Recruitment and Retention 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Financial Contingency Planning: Protect Your Cash and Explore Financial Options COVID-19 Webinar
From Silence to TMI: How to Get Useful Information from Your Parent Surveys 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Fully Connected: How a Radical Cell Phone Policy Can Improve Your Camp Culture and Cure FOMO 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Fundraising for Camps 2020 and Beyond COVID-19 Webinar
Fundraising for Nonprofit Camps in Uncertain Times COVID-19 Webinar
Fundraising Package 5.25 Online Course
Fundraising Strategies 2.00 Partner Online Course
Furloughs, Layoffs, Quarantines, and Exposures Oh My! –Employment Law Perspectives You Need to Know COVID-19 Webinar
Gan Israel - Making Camp Safe - Prevent Child Abuse 2.00 Partner Online Course
Gan Israel - Creating a Successful Framework for Every Camper - Dealing with Difficult Campers 2.00 Partner Online Course
Gan Israel - Director Leadership Online Training - Recording 2.00 Partner Online Course
Gan Israel - Head Counselor Training 2.00 Partner Online Course
Gan Israel - Pickle & Camper Management 2.00 Partner Online Course
Gan Israel Bully-Proof your Camp 1.00 Partner Online Course
Gan Israel Gifting our Campers (and ourselves) with Character 1.00 Partner Online Course
Gen-Y At Camp: How to Understand, Manage, and Increase Resiliency in Millennial Camp Staff 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Giving Constructive Feedback to Sensitive Staff Members Without Them Hating You 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Gluten Free/Celiac Education and Awareness Training: Improving Safety and Inclusion 2.00 Partner Online Course
Go All IN With Internships & Don't Miss OUT On a Great Opportunity for Your Camp Staff! 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Impactful Activities to Maximize Online Staff Training COVID-19 Webinar
Innovation Boot Camp -Shark Tank Event- Ideas Around Staff Motivation Recorded Webinar
Integrating STEM into Your Camp Activities with NASA 1.50 Recorded Webinar
It Can Happen to You: 10 Things You Can Do to Tighten Security at Your Camp 1.00 Recorded Webinar
It's Not Fair! - Things Kids Are Dealing With in a COVID-19 Camp World COVID-19 Webinar
Keeping Camps on Campus Healthy: Best Practices and Suggestions to Minimize Illness and Outbreaks at Camp Register Now! 1.00 Online Course
Keeping Our Courage in This Time of Uncertainty, COVID-19 Webinar
Late Summer Camp Season 2020 – Lessons Learned at Camp and Q&A COVID-19 Webinar
Leadership in a Time of Crisis COVID-19 Webinar
Lessons Learned from Another Year of the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline - 2017 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Lessons Learned from Another Year of the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline - 2018 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Lessons Learned from another Year of the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline - 2019 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Managing Camp in Regions with High Community Infections COVID-19 Webinar
Managing Difficult Camper Behaviors 1.50 Recorded Webinar
Marvelous Moon: Hands-on NASA Activities to Bring the Moon's Life Story to Camp Audiences Recorded Webinar
Measuring Outcomes 101: Easy Steps for Beginners 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Meet Staff Where They Are Not Where You Wish They Would Be 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Mental Health Issues in Camp 1.50 Recorded Webinar
MESH Health Fair Series 3.00 Recorded Webinar
MESH Proactive Camps: What Are Their Secrets? 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Mid-Summer Question and Answer Session with Environmental Health & Engineering COVID-19 Webinar
Middle Managers Certificate 15.00 Certificate Course
Mission: Planet Earth 1.50 Recorded Webinar
New Director Orientation (NDO) Online Course - Asynchronous 7.50 Online Course
New Year, New Skills: Pro-Tips for Finding and Securing Grant Funding for Your Camp 1.00 Online Course
No Outbreaks Here! Simple Strategies for Reducing the Spread of Communicable Disease at Camp 0.50 Online Course
NOLS Risk Management for Administrators Online Training - December 1-3, 2020 (9 a.m.–3 p.m MDT each day) 16.00 Partner Online Course
NOLS Risk Management for Administrators Online Training - October 6-8, 2020 (9 a.m.–3 p.m. MDT each day) 16.00 Partner Online Course
Our Climate Our Future Partner Online Course
Power to the People: Making Staff Training Work for Your Staff 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Practical Tools for Addressing MESH Needs at Camp 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Practicing and Teaching Mindfulness 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Prepare Your Kitchen Staff to Embrace the Needs of Campers with Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity 4.00 Partner Online Course
Preparing for Risks for Summer 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Privacy and Security for Online Programs COVID-19 Webinar
Project Real Job’s Innovation Boot Camp -Shark Tank Event- Ideas Around Staff Motivation Recorded Webinar
Quirky Kids: What We Can Do When a Kid Doesn’t “Fit” 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Race Conversations at Camp 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Rally the Troops: Relationship-Based Leadership Amid the Pandemic COVID-19 Webinar
Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect 1.00 Online Course
Reimagining Aquatics in Camp During Changing Times COVID-19 Webinar
Remain Calm: Diffusing Angry People 1.50 Recorded Webinar
Self-Care During Turbulent Times COVID-19 Webinar
Shift Happens: 3 Steps to Choosing Courage in Changing Times COVID-19 Webinar
Southeastern Virtual Camp Roundtable COVID-19 Webinar
Staff Engagement Think Tank – How Are We Engaging Staff Right Now? COVID-19 Webinar
Storytelling for Marketing: Telling the Story of Summer 2020 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Summer Camps Abuse Prevention Program 1.00 Partner Online Course
Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) In the Camp Environment 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Taking Your Camp Virtual – Learnings from the Field COVID-19 Webinar
Ten Things Your Multi-Year Staff Aren't Telling You 1.50 Recorded Webinar
The Business of Camp in Uncertain Times COVID-19 Webinar
The Five-Minute Marketing Plan: Designing Your Blueprint for Success 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Three Ways to Create Loyal, Lifelong Customers by Improving Communication with Parents 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Thriving in a Time of Crisis Broadcast Partner Online Course
Top Training Techniques: Fast & Effective Ways to Increase Staff Learning & Performance 1.25 Recorded Webinar
Town Hall for Public Health Officials (May 28, 2020) COVID-19 Webinar
Town Hall Meeting - January 27, 2021 COVID-19 Webinar
Town Hall Meeting, Hosted by ACA and Y-USA (May 20, 2020) COVID-19 Webinar
Trans Two: The Next Level 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Trauma Informed Care at Camp 1.00 Online Course
Virtual Camp Roundtable (ACA, Southeastern) COVID-19 Webinar
Virtual Camp, Real Risk: Legal and Risk Management Considerations for Online Programs COVID-19 Webinar
Virtual Staff Training Activities for Camp Staff COVID-19 Webinar
What Happens When People Stop Being Polite and Start Getting Real About Fundraising! 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Wilderness Risk Management Conference (WRMC) is online, October 19-23, 2020! 16.00 Partner Online Course
Wildfires in the West 1.00 Recorded Webinar
Words Matter: Communication Strategies 1.00 Recorded Webinar