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Nurse in front of computer at desk
September 10, 2021

As the transformation of our world by digital technology continues, it is essential that college and university programs hosting minors on campus leverage technology to improve the flow of health information and do everything in their power to... Read More

stock photo o kids exploring nature
August 30, 2021

As a camp director, you’re responsible for a bevy of essential tasks, from day-to-day planning and administration to overseeing camp employees and monitoring expenses. Balancing these duties can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially if your... Read More

Student wearing mask in hallway
August 23, 2021

The importance of properly trained camp staff can't be overstated. After all, parents are putting their trust in your staff to keep their children happy and safe — and that's not a responsibility to take lightly. 

COVID-19 has undoubtedly... Read More

kids wearing masks in a classroom
August 10, 2021

This list includes things camp professionals want school professionals to know after their experiences this summer at camp.

August 3, 2021

On July 27, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their general guidance for fully vaccinated individuals.

staff huddle
July 26, 2021

We all know that representation matters. We sculpt the way we see the world and how we interact with it by what we come into contact with. Our reality is shaped by the people we encounter and the way they represent themselves and their identities... Read More

Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge illustration
July 9, 2021

Mosquitoes are the world’s most dangerous animal, but monitoring efforts can bring early warning of potential disease outbreaks. Campers in your programs can help! Take photos of mosquito "babies" (larvae) and their habitats then use the GLOBE... Read More

July 6, 2021

When camps receive negative COVID-19 screening tests, it is a result of deliberate planning, excellent communication, earned compliance, diligent execution — and a little luck! The situation of achieving negative tests is reflective of the... Read More