Standards Revisions & Clarifications

Revisions/Clarifications to the APG (2012 edition)

It is important to make sure your copy of the Accreditation Process Guide, 2012 Edition has been updated!  Check out the resources below.

My Accreditation Tool v. 2012

My Accreditation is an online tool for ACA Camps who are preparing their documents for an on-site visit.

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My Accreditation Features

The following features are available for use through the “My Accreditation” site:

Standards at a Glance

This is a general overview of the ACA standards based on the Accreditation Process Guide. While each standard is listed in the following material, the specific details, interpretation, and compliance information are not included.  "Standards At A Glance" is a reference for people wanting to know the basics.  Camps or individuals who need complete details for the 2012 standards should contact ACA and refer to the book titled Accreditation Process Guide (2012 Edition)

Accreditation Tools & Resources

Earning and maintaining ACA accreditation takes time and commitment.  ACA has many resources available to help you through this process including the web-based tool My Accreditation, samples of policies and procedures (Resources by Section of Standards), and forms and additional information that will assist you in this process.