In-Line Skating

We recently received a call to check on aggressive in-line skating at camps. The questions and the answers that have been sought out are as follows:

Is there an increase in injury resulting from aggressive in-line skating at camps?

First Visits in New Standards

Results from nearly 750 summer accreditation visits are in, and despite some anxiety about moving to the new system, ACA camps, visitors, and sections did a fine job with the first visits in the new standards! Preliminary statistics and feedback show:

  • The number of camps whose initial scores did not meet minimum accreditation criteria was no higher than usual — about 6 percent of those visited. ACA camps were well-prepared!

Alert: Review Your Workplace Harassment Policies NOW!

The Equal Opportunity Commission has recently published an Enforcement Guidance Memorandum on the subject of vicarious employer liability for unlawful harassment by supervisors (meaning, when is the camp liable for the acts of supervisory employees?) This means that all camps should be taking a close look at their workplace harassment policies. It is likely that most should be modified immediately. You have probably heard that there has been an increase in harassment charge filings, but consider this statistic:

This needs your attention now!

A Summary of Consumer Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Below are excerpts of information contained in the form that must be provided to applicants on whose background the employer is checking. The full form is available from all credit and background checking agencies.

A Parent’s View

In a recent summer, ACA received a copy of a letter sent to a camp director, excerpts of which follow. Perhaps it should be required reading for all staff when talking about the aims and goals of your camp and the outcomes you want each camper to experience. No director wants this to be said of any staff member. Will your training and supervisory practices withstand this kind of scrutiny?

Dear Director:

Resources for Camps on Preventing Violence

Web Resources

Preventing and Pre-Planning Response to Emergencies

Establish positive relationships with police or other law enforcement officials who provide service to the camp.

Establish a system of monitoring camper behavior. Provide additional support when campers act in ways indicating they are prone to violence.

Establish clear safety-oriented rules and regulations. Enforce them.

Identify persons to whom campers or staff can speak if they are upset, concerned, have heard rumors, etc.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Now Mandatory for ALL Drivers of Commercial Vehicles

As of January 1, 1996, all drivers of commercial vehicles (that is, those required to have a commercial driver’s license — CDL) must be included in a mandatory drug and alcohol testing program as described below. These requirements went into effect in 1994 for employers with fifty or more such drivers. As of January 1, 1996, even if you have only one such driver, the testing requirements are mandated.