CampWire Episode 40: Supervision Strategies for Camp Staff

ACA's Professional Development Manager of the Western Region, John Beitner, sits down with David Phillips to discuss supervision of seasonal and year-round camp staff.  David shares very practical techniques for making the most of evaluation meetings and ongoing supervision strategies for developing talent in camp staff members.

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CampWire Episode 39: Mindfulness Practices at Camp

ACA's Professional Development Manager of the Western Region, John Beitner, sits down with Susan Fee and Tanea Mills to discuss how mindfulness practices can enhance the camp experience. 

CampWire Episode 38: Youth Mental Health Through COVID-19

American Camp Association research associate Victoria Povilaitis sits down with Stephen Gray Wallace, who wears many hats as a school psychologist, adolescent & family counselor, ACA contributor, director of the Center for Adolescent Research & Education (CARE) and much more!  The two unpack research coming from CARE and Total Brain on youth mental health, camp, and COVID-19.

CampWire Episode 37: Camp Staff Recruiting - Finding Diverse Organizations on Campus

This podcast talks about how to find organizations for BIPOC students, why it is important to hire diverse staff members for summer camp, and how diversity can impact the culture of your camp.

CampWire Episode 36: Transforming the Culture of Your Camp Organization

In this episode, President of Mo Ranch, Tim Huchton sits down with Mark Dibble (CEO) and Greg Keresztury (COO) of theYMCA of the Pines in southern New Jersey.Together they discuss data strategies, tools and goals that might help identify and address weaknesses in camp programs.

Learn how your organization can embrace change that leads to cultivating a sustainable camp culture.

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CampWire Episode 35: Harness the Power of Plants for Your Program

 Join the conversation about the importance and value of connecting young people to the power of plants and the rewards of growing them as a key aspect of youth development. 

CampWire Episode 34: Talking With Campers About Racism

ACA's Western Region Professional Development Manager John Beitner sits down with Hameeda Abdul Kadir, Raegan Quattlebaum, and Ronald Towns to discuss how their camps have made diversity and inclusion the cornerstone of their programs and how they discuss racism and oppression on a regular basis with their campers.  They share impactful strategies and activities to help camps integrate this type of programming and improve practices around communication, anti-racism training, and belongingness. 

CampWire Episode 33: Cultural Appropriation at Camp

This episode will not give you answers, but we hope that the questions we ask ourselves are thought provoking and valuable for the culture of your camp.

CampWire Episode 32: Hiring for Diversity

CampWire is pleased to bring you a conversation on hiring for diversity — full of value for camps and youth-serving organizations. Our expert panel covers topics around how camps can identify their diversity needs; how they can benefit from a diverse staff; how to address diversity, equity, and inclusion during staff training; and much more! As we approach a new year, we hope this episode offers rich perspective during the camp staff recruitment and hiring process. Special thanks to our wonderful panel:


CampWire Episode 31: Fall Camp for Virtual Learning & Looking Ahead to Summer 2021

On this episode of CampWire, we are joined by Liz Kimmelman of Tumbleweed Day Camp in Los Angeles, CA and Andy Shlensky from North Star Camp for Boys in Hayward, WI.  We talk about how their camps safely served student communities as kids returned to their school programming in online formats amid the pandemic.  We also discuss how the Field Guide and lessons learned from summer 2020 will help camp