Day Camp Innovation at Its Best

Many camp professionals have a lot of anxiety about running camp in summer 2021. The camp community is surviving by thinking outside the box. Join a panel of day camp professionals who were allowed to run last summer and embraced innovation to run successful day camp programs in summer 2020.

Purpose of the Webinar
Gain insight into day camp operations from a variety of camps that ran in summer 2020 to the broadest group of individuals who may run camp in summer 2021.


Template Resource Documents for Camp Operations

ACA is committed to providing resources to assist in your camp's operation. These resources include tip sheets, charts, checklists, and general resources among other things. These samples should be reviewed and revised as appropriate for your camp or program. 

Day Camp - The Perfect Fit

  • So, your child is ready for camp but you're not sure she is prepared for overnights away from home . . . .
  • There's a wonderful day camp that your son's school friends have been enjoying for years — it's in a park near your home . . . .
  • Your mother is staying with you this summer, and you don't want the grandchildren to miss an important chance to visit . . . .
  • The ballet school your daughter attends is offering a summer camp program filled with outdoor activities, crafts, and dance instruction . . . .

Day Camp Is The Perfect Fit

Day Camp Director Certificate

The ACA Day Camp Director Certificate Course is designed for those that hold (or may hope to hold) a day camp director position in a youth program. This online course introduces and provides a straightforward understanding of day camp management with ACA’s Core Competency areas as a framework. The knowledge and the skills developed in this course will help build confidence and improve qualifications for those in this position or considering one of these jobs in the future.