COVID-19 – Resource Center for Camps

With the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) within the United States, now is an excellent time for summer camps to review and update health-related plans and procedures and communicate with your camp families and staff members.

Health Forms & Records for Campers & Staff

ACA has many resources available to help in the operation of your camp, including ready-to-use forms and sample policies and procedures. ACA forms are reviewed by medical professionals and legal counsel, and are updated regularly to be sure they meet current regulations. Note: All ACA forms are copyrighted. It is illegal to photocopy them without permission.

Forms are free to ACA members and require member login to view and download. Photocopying is allowed for member use only.

Preprinted forms may be purchased in quantity from the ACA Bookstore. Available to both members and nonmembers. 

Forms Include

  • Camper Health History Form 1
  • Camper Healthcare Recommendations by Licensed Medical Personnel Form 2
  • Accident/Incident Report Form
  • Camp Health Record Card
  • Camp Health Record Form
  • Camp Staff Application
  • Checklist of Possible Indicators of Abuse
  • Exemption from Immunization Requirements 
  • Health and Emergency Information for Adult Campers (this form is not appropriate for cognitively delayed adults) 
  • Health History Form for Camp Employee 
  • Health History Form for Short-term Campers (three nights or less) 
  • Medical Recommendation for Camp Employees
  • Request for Additional Information about Your Child’s Asthma 
  • Health History and Examination Form - Older Version of Form 1 in Spanish

Other Resources

Mental Health at Camp for Frontline Staff

Mental Health at Camp for Frontline Staff Course will prepare frontline staff to support campers and themselves around Mental Health and Well-Being at Camp. It is a 90+ minute self-paced online course with short video clips, assignments, and quizzes. The content provides a framework for frontline staff to understand their role at camp in support of the campers. It also provides some specific tools for having supportive conversations with campers struggling. Finally, it includes a section on self-care for staff at camp.

Mental Health at Camp for Leadership Staff

Mental Health at Camp for Leadership Staff Course will prepare camp leadership for supporting both staff, campers, and themselves around Mental Health and Well-Being at Camp. It is a 60+ minute self-paced online course with short video clips, assignments, and quizzes. Assignments prompt leadership staff to consider the content and reflect on their own experiences and particular camp programs. This course does not result in a final grade, and the quizzes are not designed to be graded. A PDF of the slides is available at the end of the course.

Peanut Allergy: Frightening Facts, Emerging Treatments, Ultimate Avoidance

Peanut allergy has historically been the most fatal food allergy, comprising 50 to 62 percent of all food allergy deaths annually (Food Allergies Atlanta, 2022). It is also the leading food allergy anaphylaxis trigger for North American pediatric ICU admissions at 39 percent (Lieberman et al., 2020). Still the most common food allergy in children from 4–17 years of age, it affects up to 2 percent, or roughly a million children of all ages (US Food & Drug Administration, 2020).

Impetigo: What Does It Look Like, and What Should You Do?

John presented to the camp health center begrudgingly, after his counselor requested he get a blister on his heel looked at by one of the nurses. The nurse at health check happened to be a new grad without much on-the-ground knowledge of superficial skin lesions. She looked at John’s heel and noticed a circular, red lesion without obvious exudate or oozing, and identified the lesion as a blister. She decided a foot soak, bandage, and antibacterial ointment would do the trick. After completing her treatment, John popped his sneaker back onto his foot and returned to camp life.

I Can't Breathe — Poor Air Quality and Communities of Color

Anyone who operated, worked at, or attended a camp this past summer knows more than a thing or two (and likely more than they ever wanted to know) about risk. I, Briana Mitchell, am one of those people.

I SURVIVED Summer 2021 — And I Need Help

A special event with renowned licensed clinical social worker and child, adolescent, and family therapist Bob Ditter.  Session focused on strategies, recommendations, and insights to help those in attendance thrive in 2022 and beyond.