COVID-19 – Resource Center for Camps

With the potential spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) within the United States, now is an excellent time for summer camps to review and update health-related plans and procedures and communicate with your camp families and staff members.

Health Forms & Records for Campers & Staff

ACA has many resources available to help in the operation of your camp, including ready-to-use forms and sample policies and procedures. ACA forms are reviewed by medical professionals and legal counsel, and are updated regularly to be sure they meet current regulations. Note: All ACA forms are copyrighted. It is illegal to photocopy them without permission.

Forms are free to ACA members and require member login to view and download. Photocopying is allowed for member use only.

Preprinted forms may be purchased in quantity from the ACA Bookstore. Available to both members and nonmembers. 

Forms Include

  • Camper Health History Form 1
  • Camper Healthcare Recommendations by Licensed Medical Personnel Form 2
  • Accident/Incident Report Form
  • Camp Health Record Card
  • Camp Health Record Form
  • Camp Staff Application
  • Checklist of Possible Indicators of Abuse
  • Exemption from Immunization Requirements 
  • Health and Emergency Information for Adult Campers (this form is not appropriate for cognitively delayed adults) 
  • Health History Form for Camp Employee 
  • Health History Form for Short-term Campers (three nights or less) 
  • Medical Recommendation for Camp Employees
  • Request for Additional Information about Your Child’s Asthma 
  • Health History and Examination Form - Older Version of Form 1 in Spanish

Other Resources

Webinar - Keeping Camps on Campus Healthy: Best practices and suggestions to minimize illness and outbreaks at camp


Each year camps across the country are faced with the challenge of keeping campers and staff healthy while living and working in close quarters. Come learn from medical experts and longtime camp staff to help you put best practices in place to help keep your campers and staff healthy and participating in camp activities

By the end of the webinar, participants will

Webinar - The Business of Camp in Uncertain Times

Join seasoned camp professionals and suppliers for an engaging session addressing some of the most challenging business topics impacting camp related to COVID-19.  While no one has all the answers needed, this is an opportunity to address key issues at a practical level. 

Webinar - Coronavirus Considerations for Camp

This webinar will outline considerations for camps as they address potential changes related to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. 

COVID-19 California Camp Directors Forum

1:00pm-2:30pm Pacific Time (4:00pm-5:30pm Eastern Time)

Join an online forum with other camp professionals to discuss questions being faced in this unprecedented global situation of COVID- 19.  This is an opportunity to talk it out

The purpose is to help camps identify potential questions, share resources to guide decisions, and share information from government agencies in four major areas:

Healthy Camp Toolbox

The "Toolbox" provides a variety of resources for addressing health, safety, & mental health issues in camps.

Handwashing: Make It Really Effective

Handwashing remains one of our most effective protective behaviors against communicable disease. While handwashing doesn’t guarantee protection and safety, a person can certainly reduce risk of exposure. That protection, however, is directly tied to how well a person washes their hands. Here are tips to make your handwashing as protective as possible.

According to the CDC (2019), handwashing is most protective when done:

No Outbreaks Here! Simple Strategies for Reducing the Spread of Communicable Disease at Camp

The emergence of COVID-19 highlights the importance of preventative behaviors and practices to reduce the spread and impact of communicable diseases in camp. This short course is rooted in lessons learned from the ACA Health Camp Study. Beginning in 2006, and continuing through the summer of 2010, the American Camp Association undertook a five-year surveillance study of injuries and illnesses in day and resident camps.

The Incident Response Plan: Assess and Update Yours

With summer's 2020 season looming, staff hiring and camper recruitment is in full swing, but we're also ordering supplies, determining content for staff orientation, and making sure various policies and practices are in order. One of these policies is the camp's Incident Response Plan, a plan that typically includes action steps to address communicable disease threats, various crises and emergencies (e.g., fire, lost camper), and the camp's OSHA policies (e.g., bloodborne pathogens and right-to-know practices).