Homesickness Dos and Don’ts for Parents Preparing for Camp

Homesickness is a fact of life.  It is human nature to pine for what is known and comfortable.  And a stay at summer camp — even for a seasoned camper — can generate pangs of longing for the comforts of home:  the family pet, mom, dad, even a sibling that isn’t favored when they are together. 

At camp, we acknowledge homesickness as a valid emotion; we don’t diminish the feeling.  We use our own experiences as former campers and adults away from home to help guide campers through those feelings of unease and discomfort.  We help develop the skills to conquer pangs of emotion.

New Thinking Needed on Helping Kids Avoid or Cope with Homesickness

ANN ARBOR, MI 2010 — A new report urges parents and children's doctors to change their thinking about homesickness among children, to see it as a nearly universal but highly preventable and treatable phenomenon — rather than an unavoidable part of childhood.

The report, published in the journal Pediatrics, gives parents and physicians specific guidance to help anticipate and lessen the distress that homesickness can cause among kids and teens at summer camps, hospitals, boarding schools and colleges.