NASA eClips™ Provides Engaging and Flexible Resources for Camps

Captivating and interactive NASA eClipsTM resources use best practices to inspire youth through STEM experiences in nonformal and formal settings.  Because of their on demand availability, the short, content-rich activities and video segments are ideal for connecting campers to NASA content.  NASA eClips resources engage campers ages 8 and up with activities about Earth and its environment, the solar system, the Sun, and the universe  -- through the lens of NASA.

Virtual Program Resources — COVID-19

ACA has compiled of virtual programming resources to help with summer 2020 planning.

Internship, Test Prep — or Camp? Summer Planning amid the Noise and Haste

"Go placidly amid the noise and haste" marks the beginning of a 1927 prose poem, "Desiderata," by American writer Max Ehrmann. A copy of this well-known piece, the Latin translation of which is "things wanted or needed," hangs in the reception area at Cape Cod Sea Camps and amplifies not only the sometimes-tumultuous nature of summer camp, but also, most likely, the process of getting there in the first place.

Why might that be the case?

Simply because of the sheer number of programmatic options for teens and young adults: potential campers and counselors, one and all.

Summer Camps Abuse Prevention Program

ASAP's abuse-prevention program is being used to ensure healthly physical and behavorial interactions and safety.  It includes a Director's Guide, screening protocol, staff training - animated videos and a test for certification and guidelines for parents.  It raises the standards of camps and camp staff in a respectful and innovative way and reduces liability.  By providing trainings and implementing safety measures, camps will be sending a message to counselors, campers, and parents that they are educated, aware, and will not tolerate abuse.

Learner Outcomes:

CampWire Episode #5 — Outdoor Education and School Groups with Tim Street

In the fifth episode of CampWire, Sam talks with Tim Street from Bradford Woods in Indiana about school groups and outdoor education at camp.