Not-For-Profit Council

Our Purpose 

  • Provide networking opportunities that facilitate communication among members of ACA from nonprofit organizations of all types (including, agency, faith-based, and independent nonprofits).
  • Serve as a vehicle for discussion of nonprofit camp issues and trends.
  • Provide a platform to investigate and launch new initiatives to meet the key challenges of ACA nonprofit camps.
  • Provide support for the work and mission of ACA, in particular the nonprofit sector, through the development of tools and resources. 

Did You Know...

  • The Not-for-Profit Council (NFP) has hosted a luncheon or breakfast at the ACA National Conference for many years? And you are invited?!
  • The Not-for-Profit Council has been the single most significant source of small grants over a number of years to create the Youth Outcomes Battery (YOB), a widely recognized and widely used outcomes assessment tool for camps and other youth development organizations?
  • Not-for-Profit Council members may request one of the following YOB tools: (1) PDF of the entire Youth Outcomes Battery, or (2) PDF of the new Youth Outcomes Staff and Parent Perceptions tool. Order your copy now.

Our Story

Early Background — In the early days of the Not-for-Profit Council, its goal was to support the leadership development of ACA member who were affiliated with nonprofit camps.

More Recently — Partly as a result of the NFP Council's work, you will find ACA members from the nonprofit sector in various leadership roles at the national, regional, and local levels of ACA. Today, the majority of ACA members are affiliated with a nonprofit camp or organization. 

The Need to Tell the Story of Camp — In the early 2000s, the leaders of NFP Council began to hear from nonprofit camps professionals about their challenges to articulate the value and impact of camp experiences — to their boards of directors, parents, community partners, and funders. It became clear that camp could greatly benefit from having outcome assessment tools. 

Development of Outcomes Tools — ACA, with the financial support of relatively small grants from the NFP Council, was able to develop a series of outcome measurement tools specifically designed for camps. The Camp Youth Outcomes Battery (YOB) would not exist without support over the years from the NFP Council.

Strategic Focus — In 2016, the ACA Board of Directors chose research as one of two key strategic priorities. By late 2017, two separate research projects were ongoing: a five-year longitudinal study and a three-year study. Through this work, ACA members will gain still greater understanding of the impact of camp experiences in the lives of our young people. 

Outcomes at Nonprofit Camps — One particular area of emphasis is ensuring that the experiences of campers and young staff members attending nonprofit camps are captured in these research projects. The NFP Council can help to make sure this happens.

Be an Active Part of the Not-for-Profit Council Community

Here are four things you can do. 

  1. Join the Not-for-Profit Council. If you are already an ACA member and want to join NFP, call the membership team at 800-428-2267. If you are not an ACA member, join online and choose NFP also.
  2. Register to come to the NFP breakfast at ACA National Conference 
  3. Participate in ACA Connect and other member forums to strengthen the knowledge of all camp professionals.
  4. Support research.


The Not-for-Profit Council is an affiliate organization of the American Camp Association and operates with guidelines created by ACA to serve the special interests of the not-for-profit camp community. Membership in the Not-For-Profit Council is open to any member of the American Camp Association with nonprofit affiliation who is willing to pay dues. Join ACA online!

Benefits of Membership

  • National nonprofit camp voice and network
  • Identification of and research on current trends
  • Free Youth Outcomes PDF (see above)
  • Professional development in nonprofit issues
  • Grant resources
  • Legislative and policy advocacy network
  • Professional development in volunteer management
  • Connectedness