Not-For-Profit Council

Currently, the Not-For-Profit Council is organized to:

  • Facilitate communication among the not-for-profit membership of the American Camp Association
  • Serve as a vehicle for discussion of not-for-profit camp issues
  • Provide opportunities for development of leadership within the not-for-profit camp community
  • Provide support to the mission of the American Camp Association


Membership in the Not-For-Profit Council is open to any member of the American Camp Association with not-for-profit affiliation who is willing to pay dues. Join ACA online!

Benefits of Membership

  • National not-for-profit camp voice and network
  • Identification of and research on current trends
  • Low cost
  • Professional development in not-for-profit issues
  • Grant resources
  • Legislative and policy advocacy network
  • Professional development in volunteer management
  • Connectedness

Purpose of Not-for-Profit Council

  • Provide networking opportunities that facilitate communication among not-for-profit members of the ACA
  • Provide a format to engage not-for-profit members in discussions that identify critical trends and issues relating to the industry
  • Provide a platform to investigate and launch new initiatives to meet the key challenges of ACA not-for-profit camps and their members
  • Provide support for the work and mission of camp, in particular the not-for-profit sector, through the development of tools and resources.