ACA’s Educational Endorsement Program is a platform to connect learners to quality educational opportunities. Learners can access training opportunities offered by ACA and non-ACA providers vetted to meet ACA Educational Endorsement Program requirements. 

For Learners

Earn continuing education credits (CECs) for the hours you spend learning in ACA-endorsed professional development opportunities. Use these credits to track your progress, stay current with your professional development requirements, or even verify your qualifications for the job you deserve. 

Have you attended an ACA-endorsed event that you would like to track on your ACA Edcuation History Transcript?  If so, simply complete the Request for ACA CEC Fulfillment for Attendance at an ACA Endorsed Event form.

For Content Providers

Check out ACA Educational Endorsement details if you represent a business, organization, or association that offers conferences, trainings, online courses, and/or webinars, and want to promote these educational opportunities to a broader market and offer attendees continuing education credits.