Religiously Affiliated Camps (RAC)

Nurturing Spiritual Growth through the Camp and Retreat Experience

Mission of Religiously Affiliated Camps Council

The mission of the Religiously Affiliated Camps (RAC) is to inspire, equip, and support faith-based camp staff to nurture spiritual growth through the camp and retreat experience.

RAC seeks to . . .

  • Relate issues, trends, and resources concerning spiritual formation to faith-based camp leaders.
  • Articulate the faith-based voice to ACA on issues impacting programs.
  • Create opportunities for faith-based networking that encourages dialogue, understanding, learning and support.


The Religiously Affiliated Camps Council is an affiliate organization of the American Camp Association (ACA) and operates within guidelines created by ACA to serve the special interest of religiously affiliated camp community. Membership in RAC is open to any individual or camp that is a current member of ACA. Contact ACA's membership team for more information about joining at 765-342-8456. Join ACA online!

Benefits of Membership

  • National voice and network for religiously affiliated camps
  • Professional development on issues important to religiously affiliated camp professionals
  • Grant resources
  • Professional development in volunteer management
  • Connectedness

Promoting Spiritual Development in Camp

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For camp leaders wanting to promote the spiritual dimension of the whole person. Deepen your understanding of spirituality, appreciate the unique assets of camp in spiritual development, and explore the spiritual potential of your camp’s place, time, and community.

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Religious Organizations with Camps

Looking for other camps just like yours? Here are some of the denominational groups represented in RAC.