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As a Research Partner, CampDoc continues its shared commitment with ACA and ACH to enhance the education for camps, and offer significant insights to reduce illnesses and injuries, and address other health-related issues across all camp settings.

CampDoc has collaborated on multiple camp health research studies, with publications in prominent medical journals and presentations at conferences for leading medical organizations:

  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine
  • Society of Academic Emergency Medicine
  • Pediatric Academic Societies

The CampDoc platform allows camps to instantly access vital camper and staff health information, including allergies, medications, and immunization records, as well as track medication administration, and record illnesses and injuries electronically.

In collaboration with the ACA and ACH, this research partnership will allow CampDoc to leverage its extensive 13+ year data repository to develop camp-related illness and injury insights and benchmarks.

CampDoc, ACA, and ACH will participate as equal partners in the research to support the processes of data collection, analysis, and future reporting, including insights for the Healthy Camp Toolbox and Healthy Camps Committee.

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