Camping Magazine:  The Premier Camp and Youth Professional Resource

Camping Magazine focuses on critical topics and emerging issues that influence readers and helps successfully own, administer, and/or direct their camps. 

Camping Magazine's primary responsibility is to present new programming ideas, the latest camp trends, current legislative and risk management policies, and progressive information affecting child and youth development. 

Numbers in the rate card correspond to the official Standard Rate and Data listings under classification 21B.

Advertising Rates, Sizes/Mechanical Requirements

Advertising Bundle Packages


  • 300,000+ audience reach per issue.
  • 80% of the readership are decision-makers/have buying power.
  • 89% of ACA members said the magazine is an important benefit (2016 ACA Membership Survey)
  • 6,500+ print circulation per issue, with the May/June issue having 12,000+
  • 23,000+ digital readers per issue.


Camping Magazine puts your business in front of a camp's decision-makers - owners, directors, purchasing agents - the people who do the buying. These buyers represent all types of camps, from traditional summer camps to specialized camps for families and adults, from day camps to trip and travel camps. Camping Magazine reaches private camps, religiously affiliated camps, and camps belonging to agencies and organizations (YMCA, Girl Scouts, 4-H, etc.).

Circulation - Print

Camping Magazine is mailed to camp owners, directors, and others concerned with organized camp management. Circulation 6,500+ per issue. Subscriptions are included with membership in the American Camp Association.  Circulation is 98 percent paid, and 100 percent requested. A sworn statement is available upon request.

Circulation - Online

The same quality educational resource is also online.  The online issue has been operating since February 2010.  23,000 digital readers per issue. Read the latest issue.   

2024 Editorial Calendar

  • January/February - Conference Preview Issue
  • March/April - The Business of Camp
  • May/June - Staff Training Issue
  • July/August - Personal and Professional Development
  • September/October - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • November/December - Risk Management

Issue Deadlines

Space Reservation Due Date:

  • January/February - October 29
  • March/April - December 28
  • May/June - February 28
  • July/August - April 29
  • September/October - June 28
  • November/December - August 26

Material/Artwork Due Date:

  • January/February - November 16
  • March/April - January 18
  • May/June - March 18
  • July/August - May 17
  • September/October - July 19
  • November/December - September 14

Ad Format

Camping Magazine prefers that finished ads be submitted in a 300 dpi high-resolution PDF format with the original file color formats as CMYK with all fonts embedded (containing RGB or JPEG data).  Black and white halftone ads can be saved as grayscale.  Other acceptable formats in order of preference:  Adobe Photoshop CS3 saved as a high resolution of 300 dpi, JPEG, or TIFF; Adobe Illustrator CS3 saved for a PC with the fonts created as outlines; PC/Adobe InDesign CS3 or lower; PC/QuarkXpress 7; MAC/InDesign CS3; Mac/QuarkXpress 7.  Include all screen and printer fonts with page layout documents when creating ads in InDesign or QuarkXpress.  Embed art/photos in Adobe Illustrator files.  Conventional materials are not accepted (film, camera-ready, etc.).

Ad Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all advertisements published on any American Camp Association (ACA) platforms. We are dedicated to following advertising and content regulations that align with ACA’s priorities regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, education, and camp health and safety requirements. Following these guidelines protects ACA’s integrity and trust amongst our members and readers while working with advertisers and sponsors.

  • Under the law, claims in advertisements must be truthful, cannot be deceptive or unfair, and must be evidence-based
  • Ads must reflect who you are and what you are promoting
  • Ads should reflect the diversity of today’s youth/camper/staff/etc.
  • Ads that depict campers climbing, boating, horseback riding, zip lining, etc., must follow ACA standards — campers must be wearing the proper protective gear/equipment, such as helmets and life jackets
  • Advertisers will follow ACA’s ad format requirements
  • ACA does not allow tobacco, alcohol, or drinks that resemble alcohol in advertisements
  • ACA will provide stock photography if needed
  • ACA staff can create advertisements at a per-hour fee

Editorial Calendar

Camping Magazine does not produce an official editorial calendar.  However, the following two issues have a specific editorial focus:

May/June - Special Staff Training issue:  All articles cover staff training topics (e.g., leadership, supervision, behavior management, camp counseling skills, and more) geared to the camp counselor and front line staff.  This special issue is sold at a special bulk rate.  On average, this particular issue sells an additional 10,000+ copies.

January/February - ACA National Conference issue:  This edition serves as an important preview to the ACA National Conference and will feature articles from keynote speakers, conference highlights, conference program schedule at a glance, and more. 

American Camp Association is not responsible for the claims made by its advertisers and reserves the right to reject any advertising at its discretion for any or no reason.

For more information, contact Business Development at (765) 342-8456 or e-mail