February 2, 2016

A guest blog by Sterling Nell Leija

When I was a kid, I remember wanting to go to summer camp.  Like many of your campers, I counted down the days!  But I couldn’t honestly tell you I loved it.  I was nervous in the days leading up to it... Read More

howling wolf
January 19, 2016

Last month, the American Camp Association’s new CEO, Tom Holland called the camp community to action to advocate for the passage of the Child Protection Improvements Act ― our bill to address access to background checks. Most likely, it was a... Read More

Camp staff sitting and talking to each other
January 12, 2016

In many ways summer camp is synonymous with mentoring. It’s what counselors do. But what I have learned in my young career is that it doesn’t stop there. I was a 17-year-old counselor at North Star when for the first time I was called into Robert... Read More

December 8, 2015

As the Healthy Camp Education and Monitoring Program (HCEMP) committee studies MESH and its implications, I was interested to see some foundational work in this area. In reading, I learned about the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study done... Read More

November 23, 2015

To work as a camp professional is not having a ‘thankless job;’ we live thankfulness on a daily basis.

That is why we love camp.

We model thanksgiving in our programs. We outwardly express appreciation for the work of those around... Read More

Girls watching sunset
October 31, 2015

“When one thinks of the 31st of October,” Juliette Low wrote in 1923, “one associates the day with Halloween when imps and witches fly about…On that night, I made my appearance in the world. Little did I dream when I was young and tried Halloween... Read More

boys bullying girl
October 27, 2015

While October is National Bullying Awareness Month, what can we do as a camp community to bring awareness year round? 

Photo courtesy of YMCA Camp Abnaki, North Hero, VT.
July 21, 2015

Before my first day of teaching high school, a colleague came to my classroom as I worked feverishly to get it set up and ready for the students. He came to give me a gift. This gift was three films: Dead Poets Society, Stand and Deliver, and Mr... Read More