The Foundation Board includes members who serve on the ACA Board of Directors and are appointed by the ACA Board of Directors. ACF also elects independent members to serve on its board.

ACF meets three times a year to address issues facing ACA and to determine how best the foundation can support ACA. We are fortunate to have the foundation as a resource and guide for the benefit of our membership association.

2024-2025 ACF Leadership

  • Anne Derber, Chair
  • Scott Brody
  • Meg Clark
  • Sterling Leija
  • Will Pierce
  • Andy Shlensky
  • Tony Stein
  • Steve Suddeth
  • Liz Fogel, Chair, ACA Board of Directors
  • Don Cheley, Emeritus

The Acorn Society

The Acorn Society is our membership society that recognizes donors who have made an outright gift to the foundation or included ACA in their estate plans.

Kruger Endowment

The Kruger Endowment is part of ACF and was established to honor Joe Kruger, a camping great and volunteer who brought a child-centered approach to camp.