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Just $35 will send a child to camp for one day and $500 for one week. Just one camp experience can positively change a child’s life forever.

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Children are our future, and the skills learned and relationships fostered at so many camps throughout the country are often life-changing stepping stones on the road to adulthood. Children come to camp from all walks of life, eager to learn, yearning to make new friends, ready to take on new challenges and discover gifts they didn't know they had.



The American Camp Association (ACA) believes the benefits of the camp experience are priceless, but we also realize that parents' pockets aren't bottomless.  ACA also believes there is a camp for every child and every budget, and we want to show you the opportunities available.

ACA's Find a Camp has the most complete list of camps available. Finding out how to afford camp is easy—and there's plenty of help. There's a camp for just about every budget. Fees range from less than $100 to more than $1,500 per week for ACA-accredited overnight and day camps. There are a number of different options parents can turn to when trying to provide a camp experience for their child.

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The American Camp Association works to support camps in their efforts to provide camp scholarships for families who may not be able to fund a camp experience for their child.  Through ACA, accredited camps are eligible to fund scholarships for their campers in a number of ways.

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ACA believes strongly in the value of the camp experience and wants to ensure that every child has the opportunity to attend camp.  We understand that many families cannot afford to send their child to camp. This is why we have established the Send a Child to Camp Fund as an opportunity for caring individuals or organizations who also believe in the value of camp to support camp scholarships at ACA Accredited camps.

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Campers Say

I learned that being different doesn't mean that you are bad, because a rainbow can't be only one color.

Camp celebrates diversity and promotes tolerance. It holds a mirror up so children can see, no matter what their color, gender, or socioeconomic circumstances, that who they are is beautiful inside and out.

I learned at camp that I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Camp gets kids out in nature. Unplugged from the computer, the videogames, the cell phone, they gain an appreciation for the natural environment and discover the wisdom and fun it has to offer.

It was fun . . . really good and I wish my friends could go because you are learning but at the same time you are having fun.

You can change a child's life today: Make a donation to sponsor a child's camp experience. $0.82 of every dollar you donate to the American Camp Association’s Send a Child to Camp Fund goes to send children to camp across the country.

Throw the doors to a brighter future wide open and help shape the leaders of tomorrow. Send a child to camp today.

For more information on how you can help change a child's life, contact or 765-342-8456, ext. 305.


Photo courtesy of Cheley Colorado Camps, Estes Park, CO.