How scholarships are awarded

ACA does not provide scholarships directly to camper families, and we do not directly select which camps receive scholarship dollars. ACA partners with the UltraCamp Foundation to distribute Send a Child to Camp Funds. Through a formal application process, UltraCamp selects camps to receive funding. Those camps then award scholarships to campers on behalf of ACA and the Send a Child to Camp Fund. ACA-accredited day and overnight camps are eligible to take part in the program. 

Emphasis is placed on children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds

Every child experiences some summer learning loss—the loss of skills learned during the school year resulting from a lack of organized learning during the summer. Children whose families are not struggling financially have more opportunity to participate in camp and other educational programs during the summer to help their minds stay sharp. ACA believes children whose families are financially disadvantaged should have the same opportunity. Send a Child to Camp scholarships help children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds to constructively learn independence and safe risk-taking, build essential mentor relationships, and reap the benefits of connecting with nature.

Awards to date

Since the Send a Child to Camp Fund was established in 2008, more than 900 scholarships have been awarded to campers at ACA-accredited camps.

Partnering with ACA

ACA has opportunities for you to support the Send a Child to Camp Fund through a partnership.