Associate Visitor Course-Virtual


February 2-3, 2023







This course is a 2-day virtual training via Zoom. Participants must attend all learning sessions over the 2 days to successfully become an accreditation volunteer. This course requires active participation and engagement. Participants need reliable internet, a web camera, and a microphone to engage. The web camera & microphone can be either external or built into your computer. 


ACA’s accreditation program is the only national peer review program of its kind for the camp industry. Being an ACA visitor provides you with the experience to build your network, polish your skills in observation and risk management, and develop mentoring opportunities for both you and the camps you work with. As much as you give to this experience, you’ll gain from new ideas, perspectives, and approaches to the mission-driven work of the camp industry.  


The ACA Associate Visitor Course is the cornerstone of the evaluation component of the accreditation process. The course establishes a system that ensures a consistent and reliable assessment of a camp’s compliance with the ACA standards. In addition, this course helps create a network within the camp community that is instrumental in monitoring the standards and creating positive camp experiences. 


This workshop is designed for committed volunteers who are interested in becoming an advocate and mentor for ACA Accreditation. This commitment requires that accreditation volunteers commit to completing a visit at least every other summer and a review of at least 1 Annual Accreditation Report (AAR) each year. Time commitment may vary, but on average, accreditation volunteers provide 10-20 hours of volunteer service annually.  

Time Commitment for Training:  

Pre-Course Work: Up to 4 Hours: Participants are required to complete some pre-course work that is online and self-guided. This must be completed before your Associate Visitor Virtual Course and will be assigned to you once your application is processed. This pre-course work includes the Accreditation Process Workshop and an introductory standards knowledge quiz.  

Associate Visitor Course: 2 Days | 12 Hours of Content: Participants must attend/complete all virtual sessions to become an accreditation volunteer. This is live virtual training that is broken down into sessions over 2 days.  

Accreditation Process Guide, v.2019 (updated 11/2019):   

Once you complete an application and it has been processed, you will receive a redemption code to order a complementary Accreditation Process Guide (APG). All accreditation volunteers are provided with an APG regardless of your connection to an accredited camp.  

Published: Each registered applicant approved for the Associate Visitor Course is provided 1 published copy of the APG. This will be shipped to you before the start of the course. 

Digital: A digital version of the APG is provided to all current ACA members who are prospect Associate Visitors. This is in the Volunteer Portal. If you need assistance with access, please contact your local accreditation manager. 

To participate in the pre-course work and virtual course, you MUST have an Accreditation Process Guide (APG) v. 2019 (updated 11/2019). 

Next Steps: 

Complete Associate Visitor Application 

Once your application is processed, you will be notified by a member of the ACA Accreditation Team that you are enrolled in the online Associate Visitor pre-course. 

This self-guided course includes a modified version of the Accreditation Process Workshop (APW) along with an opportunity for you to brush up on your standards knowledge. This online pre-course needs to be completed PRIOR to your virtual Associate Visitor Course date. 

Upon completion of the online pre-course, you will then have access to the virtual Associate Visitor Course based on your chosen dates. 



Session 1: Intro & Building Standards Knowledge and Visitor Skills (2.5 Hours) 

Session 2: Communication & Compliance (2.5 Hours) 

Session 3: Accreditation Timeline and Process (2.5 Hours) 


Session 4: Mock Visit (3 Hours)

Session 5: Debrief & Celebration (1.5 Hours)

Deadline to Apply: January 2, 2023 

Questions? Contact Us: 

  • Teresa Tucker, ACA Assistant Director of Accreditation | 765-349-3522

  • Abby Burbank, ACA Central Region | 765-349-3307 

  • ACA Western Region | 765-349-3527 

  • Kyla Pinto, ACA Eastern Region | 765-349-3536