Staff Engagement Think Tank – How Are We Engaging Staff Right Now?


Dr. Deborah Gilboa, Britton Bitterman, Andy Pritikin

Type of Course

COVID-19 Webinar

The first phase of COVID-19 quarantining is just ramping up. We don’t have all of the answers or know the outbreak’s full impact on camp just yet, but we know we’re all dealing with something new and challenging. Let’s talk about how we can continue to support one of our key stakeholders this month: our camp staff! What questions are you asking right now to let your staff know you care about them? Are you providing resources? Fun ways to let them connect with each other? Opportunities for them to express their frustrations and concerns? How do we show empathy, provide advice, and intervene when needed during this time?

Join Dr. Deborah Gilboa and two experienced camp directors, Britton Bitterman and Andy Pritikin, for a discussion on what we can be doing to engage our camp staff right now.

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