Strategies for Cultivating a Culture of Staff Retention This Summer

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Daniel Shore

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Together we will cover 5 ready-to-implement strategies that will support you in retaining your staff throughout this summer and also looking ahead to next summer.

The strategies that will be discussed include creating leadership opportunities for staff, giving and receiving honest feedback, providing genuine and timely individual praise, understanding staff member expectations, and cultivating staff connections with intentionality and precision.


Daniel Shore PictureDaniel Shore, PhD, is a researcher and consultant across the gamut of human interaction, from government cybersecurity teams to summer camp staff and leaders. In the camp space, he co-runs e21, an organization that aims to strengthen the value proposition for working at camp—including the professionalization of the camp staff experience. He combines his expertise in analytics, teamwork dynamics, & employee motivation with his 10 summers working on staff at an overnight camp in Wisconsin to support camps on leveling up the staff member experience. He is an ardent believer that to have happy campers, you need happy counselors, too. You can reach Dr. Shore at

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