What better way to welcome new staff to your camp than to give them the gift of a free, one-year membership to the American Camp Association (ACA)?

With an ACA membership, your staff can build their professional network, gain access to continuing education opportunities, and access ACA resources.

Additional benefits of an ACA membership include:


Instructions to Set Up a New Member Profile 

It is best if each person creates their own individual profile rather than the director making it for them, so they can set their own password and personal information. If staff have any issues, we are here to help

  • START HERE: Create New User
  • Screen 1: Fill out the fields on the right side and click the button at the bottom to Create a User Account and Sign In.
  • Screen 2: Mid-page, at the top of the active section, there is search box to look for my camp. Rather than setting up a new camp, look for “YOUR CAMP NAME” and hit Save.
  • Screen 3: Click Join/Renew at the top of the page.
  • Screen 4: Click Join on the left.
  • Screen 5: ACA Membership – Click on a category. Select Continue.
  • Screen 6: Select Continue again.
  • Screen 7: Elective Dues. Choose and Continue.
  • Screen 8: Contribution/Donation. Choose Continue.
  • Screen 9: Membership Summary page, check the I AGREE Checkbox. Choose Continue.
  • Screen 10: Enter the Promo Code ACAFREE and click Apply Promo (the little gift box).
  • Screen 11: The order total will go to zero dollars (if it doesn’t, click the gift box again). Click Next. Click Next again.
  • Screen 12: Click Done.


First Year Free Membership FAQs