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Be Part of Our Cohort in 2021

Finally . . . 2021 has arrived! New hires are coming on board. Show your current and new staff how much they mean to you by giving them membership to the largest network of camp professionals.

Strengthen Your Camp 

  • Investing in your staff growth and professional development keeps them coming back
  • A no-cost way to say thank you for your staff members' hard work and dedication
  • Help staff stay updated with the latest industry best practices

Strengthen Your Staff 

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  • Give this coupon to your entire staff team and encourage them to take advantage of this amazing offer! 
  • Or send us your list of staff, and we'll set them up for you. Download and complete this spreadsheet.
  • Check out the ACA Calendar of Events, which includes local and national professional development and opportunities.
  • Looking for a Job.

Please Note- Coupons are for NEW Individuals that have never been a member of ACA. Cannot be used to renew a camp membership.

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Any questions about membership? 1 -800-428-2267


Gay Bruner, Central Region
Barry Welch,  Eastern Region
Jami Foster, Western Region