Understanding the Trans* Experience at Camp

Chris Rehs-Dupin


Chris Rehs Dupin

Core Competency

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Supporting Dimensions of Diversity

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Recorded Webinar


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The camp experience produces many positive outcomes for children--- self-identity, self-worth, self-esteem, leadership, along with growth in personal skills and competencies.  The camp community allows children to develop positive relationships with peers and adults, and it provides them numerous experiential learning opportunities.  Camp helps children grow by providing a supervised, positive environment that has safety as its primary commitment.

In this webinar, we’ll learn how transgender youth and staff can experience those outcomes listed above at your camp through your programming. Join us for a level-setting conversation influenced by media trends and defining the “why” for inclusive practice at camp. Together, we will work to build the foundation of first practical steps in creating a foundation for trans* inclusion at camp and attendees will leave with a greater understanding of the trans experience at camp.

Learner outcomes
By the end of the webinar participant will learn:

Presenter Bio
Chris Rehs-Dupin (he/him) is the Co-Founder of Transplaining. Chris spent the majority of his professional career (17 years) in youth development in the outdoors- including 8 years in overnight programming, and 9 years in day programming.  Chris is a passionate speaker, trainer, and educator- who has spoken at numerous conferences, camps, and to larger organizations.  Participants agree that Chris works to meet them where they are- and educates in the absence of shame.  

Chris loves to speak to large and small audiences.  With a background in theatre, he weaves entertainment and storytelling into his workshops and trainings which creates an impactful environment for learning and growth.

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