ACA, Great Rivers Local Council of Leaders

ACA, Great Rivers is looking for volunteers, people who want to make a contribution to the camp industry by serving on committees, task force groups, as visitors in the accreditation program and on the ACA, Great Rivers Leadership Council. 


LCOL Co-Chairs

Julia Mannes
Micheal Johnson


Jami Biodrowski 

Membership Committee 

Chair, Megan Bastemeyer
Missouri District Chair, DD Gass
Nebraska District Chair, Lindsay Shearer

Standards Committee Co-Chairs

Julie Cackler

Professional Development Committee Co-Chairs

Sean Gunderson
Abbie Parker

Volunteer Development Chair

Robyn Ratcliff

At-Large Members

Tom Neppl
Dave Sherry
Bryan Jonhson
Drew Demery 

NCOL Representatives (2)

1. Julia Mannes
2. Micheal Johnson