Heart and Soul Award

The Heart and Soul Award is the highest honor awarded by ACA, Indiana to individuals and organizations. One is awarded annually unless the Awards Committee determines that no candidate is available for that year.

To qualify, the individual must meet the following criteria:

  1.  Must have given unstintingly to promote the general good of camping through participating in, developing, initiating and sharing imaginative and creative programs in all areas of camping administration.
  2. Service must be deemed to be unusual, devoted and outstanding by his/her colleagues and community.

Requirements; Two written endorsements and nomination form.

Distinguished Service Award

It is awarded to individuals who have given outstanding leadership and service to ACA, Indiana for at least ten years.

To qualify, the individual must have demonstrated the following:

  1. Outstanding service to the field office through participation in programs, events, and the work of the local office; devotion of time above and beyond the normal volunteer commitment; and ongoing, active volunteer service in the local office.
  2. Leadership on the local council of leaders, local office committee(s), regional or national role(s).

Requirements; One written endorsements and nomination form

Honor Award

The Honor Award is given by ACA, Indiana to honor individuals for meritorious service to camp and ACA, Indiana.

To qualify, the individual must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a current ACA member or former member now retired from active participation.
  2. Have served in camp programs for at least ten years.
  3. Have made noteworthy contributions to the local office as demonstrated by at least five of the following :
    1. member of the leadership
    2. officer of the leadership
    3. chair of a committee or task group
    4. member of a local office committee for three years
    5. significant service to a regional or national conference or training event
    6. significant contribution to the public awareness of camp
    7. significant research in the field of camp
    8. author or co-author of one or more published books or articles related to the field of camp
    9. mentoring future leaders in the camp movement

Requirements; One written endorsements and nomination form

Program Excellence Award

The Program Excellence Award is given by ACA, Indiana to honor programs that develop effective, creative responses to the needs of people and/or societal problems using the camp environment; to encourage continued development of such ideas; to stimulate the exchange of creative ideas; and to present to the public examples of positive contributions camp has made to the well-being of individuals and society.

To qualify, camp programs will demonstrate one or more of the following:

  1. Understand and make use of intergrouping – combining groups that have differences (e.g. physical abilities, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, religion, and home environment).
  2. Develop programs suited to the needs and interests of teenage campers.
  3. Broaden the range of services to persons with disabilities.
  4. Emphasize awareness of interpersonal relationships and development of interpersonal skills
  5. Conduct continuing innovative and effective staff-development programs.
  6. Offer support activities or leadership that significantly expands the opportunities for human growth and enrichment through camping (for non-camp organizations).

To be eligible for nominations a program must have been in operation for at least one year (excluding planning and development time).  Membership in the American Camp Association is not required for eligibility.  Nominations will be judged on creativity and imaginative planning; relevance to the needs of participants; involvement of the target participants in the planning and implementation; adaptability and potential for replication; cooperative efforts with other organizations, agencies, or camps; and the ability of program to meet stated objectives.

Requirements; One written endorsements and nomination form

Community Service Award

Awarded for outstanding contributions and/or support by local individuals or groups to the field of camp, local region or to the local community.  Nominated individuals or organizations do not necessarily need to be members of the American Camp Association. No more than two community awards shall be awarded in any given year.

Requirements; One written endorsements and nomination form

Pioneers in Camping Scholarship--$100.00 grant

This award was created to honor Fred Lorenz, Dave McCracken, Herb Sweet, and Ken Dilling-  Indiana camp administrators and ACA members who were pioneers in the camp movement and creation of ACA. 

The Pioneers in Camping Scholarship is awarded to an ACA member for outstanding involvement in or noteworthy contributions to ACA Indiana programs, events, and fundraising. One is given annually unless the Awards Committee decides no candidate is available for that year.

A $100 grant is awarded to the recipient for any camping related professional development workshop, seminar, or conference.

Requirements: One written endorsement and nomination form.

Special Recognition Award

The Special Recognition Award is given by ACA, Indiana to honor groups, organizations, or individuals (e.g. parents, volunteers, board members) for their efforts to advance the value of camp.  The award will be made for efforts that have significance at the state and/or regional level.  No more than two Special Recognition Awards will be awarded annually.

Requirements; One written endorsements and nomination form

Appreciation Certificate—certificate

This certificate is awarded to members, benefactors, camps and other organizations connected with camp to show appreciation for noteworthy contributions, leadership and service to the camp movement or programs, events, and fundraising of ACA, Indiana. This certificate may be awarded at any time by the ACA, Indiana LCOL Chair and/or by a majority vote of the ACA, Indiana leadership.

Requirements: One written endorsement and nomination form.

Length of Membership Awards—certificates and pins

Length of membership awards are given to ACA members to recognize length of membership. A certificate is awarded for five years of membership. An ACA pin is awarded for 10 years of membership.