As a Business Affiliate, you gain the platform to annually showcase your programs, products, and supplies, enabling you to effectively share valuable information with the camp community. Becoming an ACA Business Affiliate serves as a gateway to immersing yourself in this unique ecosystem, offering unparalleled access to a vibrant network of camp professionals and enthusiasts.

  • Benefits & Rates  At a cost of $630, the Business Affiliate program offers exceptional value, providing access to a range of benefits tailored to meet your business needs and objectives.
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Embrace the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and thrive within the camp community by becoming an ACA Business Affiliate today. Join online to take the first step towards establishing meaningful relationships and driving success within this dynamic industry.

Special Information

  • List of Business Affiliates:  This is our buyer’s guide listing for members. By being included in the exclusive list of Business Affiliates featured in our Buyer's Guide, you can gain visibility among ACA members and enhance your presence and accessibility to potential clients within the camp industry.
  • Advertise Your Business:  Explore a diverse range of marketing opportunities tailored to amplify your business's reach and impact within the camp community. Navigate through our comprehensive selection of advertising options to find the perfect fit for your promotional needs.
  • Exhibit/Sponsor at ACA Conferences:  Elevate your brand recognition and engagement by participating as an exhibitor or sponsor at ACA conferences. Connect directly with industry professionals and decision-makers while showcasing your products and services.
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Have questions?  Contact Kim Fitzgerald,, 765-349-3309 

Becoming an ACA Business Affiliate was one of the best business decisions we’ve made at  Our ongoing relationship with the American Camp Association continues to open the door to incredible resources, and we are amazed at the support and opportunities available to us every day.  We’ve made essential connections with camp directors, doctors and nurses with their help.   We love the ACA!  
Michael Ambrose, M.D., CampDoc LLC