Facts about Free Memberships

Who is this free membership for?
This program was originally designed to help connect as many frontline staff (or counselors) as possible with their first professional association. However, we are happy to have you connect as many of your staff members and board members with ACA as you wish. Don't forget your unit leaders, team leaders, program leaders, midlevel staff, counselors, food service staff, health care staff, maintenance staff, and board members. 

I don't work for a camp. Can I use this coupon?
Yes, if you work for an afterschool program or other youth organization, or if you are a board member of a youth program or camp, we are happy you are joining ACA.

I heard I can give ACA memberships to my staff at no cost to me or my camp. Is it true?
Yes. This program is designed to share the benefits of ACA's professional development opportunities. 

I'm a camp director. How many memberships can I give away?
You may give away an unlimited number of ACA individual memberships to your camp staff. However, recipients must be new to ACA. This offer is not for current or expired ACA members.

May I pay for my camp’s additional memberships with the coupons? 
Yes, as long as they are new ACA members. 

This sounds complicated. How does it work?
You give your staff members the coupon or even just the promo code; they go online and sign up. Easy. OR you may provide us with a spreadsheet and we will set them up for you.

How long is the coupon valid?
Until the end of the calendar year. The free year of membership begins when the staff person signs up.

What happens when the free year is over?
The individual will receive a renewal notice asking him or her to join ACA. If that individual still works at your camp and you’d like to pay his or her ACA member dues, you may do so.

Will these staff members receive Camping Magazine?
All free members will be able to access the digital version of Camping Magazine

My camp is not currently affiliated with ACA, may I use this coupon?
Yes, use it for yourself first if you've not been a member. Then give the promo code or coupons to your staff. 

I'm a counselor and I just got this coupon. What do I do?
Go online and sign up. Don’t wait. Take advantage of a free full-year of membership in ACA – read Camping Magazine online, access the professional development opportunities, resume-building tools, a free online course, purchase Chaco's at 40 percent off, and more.

I heard there was a free online course, too. Is that true?
Yes. Once you sign up online and become a member, you’ll receive an e-mail telling you how to access the free course, “Critical Things Staff Need to Know about Bullying Prevention.”

My ACA membership is expired. Can I still use this coupon?
The coupon is for new members, not individuals who have been members in the past. If your membership has expired, please call us at 765-342-8456 and we’ll talk about renewal options. Flexible rates may apply to you.