American Camp Association Seeks Candidates for National Board of Directors

September 7, 2021
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The American Camp Association (ACA) is seeking candidates for the ACA National Board. This group of 21 leaders shapes the strategy, the focus, the financial health, the movement of the Association into the future. Board members are camp leaders who are able to see beyond their camp to the broader context of the expanding field of camp and the society in which camp exists. Camp leaders are from all styles of camps — nonprofit, private, camps on campus, day, resident. Board members are also leaders whose vocation supports and uplifts the camp industry — educators, nonprofit leaders, attorneys, youth development specialists, business leaders, environmental leaders, child safety specialists, health experts, communicators. The Association’s board has top-notch leaders in their respective fields with a passion and commitment for the ACA mission.

Who would you recommend as a candidate who can bring their passion, skill, experience, connections, and vision to build on the highly functioning ACA National Board? The board is particularly interested in maintaining a diverse perspective and in involving as board members persons who are top leaders within their professional circles from across the United States.

Board terms are three years, and ACA is seeking candidates to fill open member‐at‐large positions for the 2022 class and beyond as skills and needs of the board align. In-person meetings are held prior to the national conference and two additional times during the year, with conference calls four to six times during the year. Board members are expected to also serve on committees or task forces and provide philanthropic leadership to the Association.

Candidate Recommendations

If you would like to recommend a candidate to serve on the ACA National Board, please send their resume and any other pertinent information to or complete the Board Prospect Form. Interested candidates should submit resumes no later than October 15, 2021. Please indicate if you have asked permission to submit that person’s name and include that person’s contact information.

It is anticipated that potential candidates will be vetted beginning in October 2021 and the top prospects interviewed via Zoom, with recommendations for a new board member slate being presented to the current national board at their meeting just prior the national conference in February 2022. Elected candidates will begin their board service immediately following the national conference in February 2022.