Leaders in ACA, Northland

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Local Council of Leaders (LCOL)

Chair, Alli Faricy

Secretary, Venessa Fiedler

Anthony Summers

Caitlin Malin  

Chris McNeely

Christine Baumann

Drea Lear

Keith Shew

Kurt Simer

Margaret Rosler

Marie Schmid

Mary Walker

Pam Wurster



EPIC (Emerging Professionals in Camp) Committee

Chair, Drea Lear

Rachel Brawley

Jessie Briol

Will Shelton

Margaret Roesler


Government Relations Committee
Chair, Kurt Simer

Pam Wurster

Keith Shew

Alex Compton

Sara Eder

David Benson

Charlie Paige 

Christine Baumann


Membership Committee

Chair,  Keith Shew

MN District Rep, Margaret Rosler

ND District Rep, Christine Baumann

SD District Rep, Anthony Summers

Jon Salmon

National Council of Leaders (NCOL) Representatives

Alli Faricy

Kurt Simer

Professional Development

Co-Chair, Venessa Fiedler

Co-Chair, Chris McNeely

David Sheridan

Billy Weiss

Scott Gustafson

Jennifer Speir

Shannon Giere


Standards Committee
Chair, Marie Schmid

Standards LCOL Representative, Mary Walker

Bob Gagner

Bill Jones

Jenny Delaney

Alli Faricy

Laura Nolan 


Volunteer Devleopment Committee
Co-Chair, Caitlin Malin 

Co-Chair, Drea Lear

Eric Fallon

Jenna Dorschner 

Laura Nolan