To Grow Camp's Impact, First We Have to Measure It

The Redwoods Group is proud to support ACA’s Research 360 efforts and the 5-year impact study exploring the academic, life-skills and career benefits that camp experiences bring. As a long-time partner to camps across the country, Redwoods understands that camp outcomes range from the creation of lasting memories to the cultivation of tomorrow’s leaders. We support ACA’s efforts to measure and quantify the impact of camp. Armed with empirical evidence, ACA and camps across the country will be able to share the important story of camp, so that more children will have the opportunity to enjoy a camp experience of their very own.

Gareth Hedges, President of Redwoods, explains why his company is coming onboard to support this work through a 5 year research partnership: 

"Research 360 is an inspiring example of how camps can further build on the powerful work they already do, using research and analysis to create evidence-based strategies for improving operations, advocacy and fundraising. As for us, we're data geeks. Our entire business model is based on using data to better inform how youth-serving organizations like camps work to stay safe and create positive impact in their communities. Supporting Research 360 just feels like a natural fit." 

Visit ACA's Research 360 webpages to learn more and find out how you can get involved.

About The Redwoods Group
Redwoods is a mission-aligned business providing insurance to camps, YMCAs, JCCs and boys and girls clubs. Using data and insights from the thousands of real world incidents it investigates, Redwoods develops practical tools for preventing risks such as drownings and child sexual abuse. Redwoods exists to love, serve and transform the communities in which it operates.