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College & University Programs for Minors

This community is a unique group of camps and professionals who run and operate youth programs on college and university campuses. Whether you are an administrator, program director, or camp director that over sees one or many programs, ACA has resources that will be beneficial to you and your work. 

Camps on Campus Council

If you are collaborative, seeking to connect with peers, share ideas, educate yourself and your institutions, and improve risk management, health and safety, staff training, and program quality for youth on your campus - this group is for you.   

If you are new to ACA, this is a great place to begin building your network and become connected to others like yourself and what ACA has to offer. 

If you have been part of the Association for a while, your peers in higher education and in traditional camps need you to bring your knowledge and understanding of this unique setting to the conversation.

For more information, contact Tim Huchton at or 765-349-3539.

Professionalize Your Summer Program Staff

Did you know ACA has a program that allows you to provide a professional membership to the staff who run youth programs on your campuses, and it costs you nothing? Learn more.

Tools and Resources for Managing Risk in Your Program

All programs carry a certain amount of risk exposure. If your program serves minors on campus, these resources will help you identify and minimize areas of risk in your program.  

Child Protection

Background Checks

Risk Management

Tools and Resources for Training and Supervision

studentsDirector Training Online 

Certificate of Qualification — Day Camp Director (20 CECs)

Director Training In-Person

Training multiple director-level staff? We offer a one-day New Director Orientation course. Check the events calendar for courses already scheduled or contact us to schedule one for your team.

Staff Training and Supervision

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