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Camp-School Partnership Survey
Published Date: 2010-01-01

The Camp-School Partnership Survey was distributed to 2,400+ ACA camps between December 2009 to January 2010 to better understand how the camp community intersects with the school community. This critical information was needed to position the camp community and increase our value proposition around educational reform, the kinds of settings that contribute to the development of children, the opportunities that best help children learn, and our belief that camp is an essential component of the formula.

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Camp Program Quality Assessment (C-PQA)
Published Date: 2014-08-20

Camp Program Quality Assessment (CPQA) (short form)

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Adult Perceptions of Outcomes' Growth

Two new versions of the ACA YOB were created to allow adults to make reliable and valid judgments about children’s outcome achievements:

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Youth Outcomes Battery Norms
Published Date: 2012-01-01

Overview of the Norming Process for the ACA Youth Outcomes Battery

*We wish to acknowledge the contributions and leadership provided by the ACA Committee for the Advancement of Research and Evaluation, the ACA Not-for-Profit Council, and Dr. Jim Sibthorp, Dr. Laurie Browne, Dr. Cass Morgan, and Troy Bennett from the University of Utah. We also wish to thank the 54 camps involved in the pilot data collection for their cooperation. This project would not have been possible without the generous financial support of the ACA Not-for-profit Council.

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Youth Camp Outcomes Analysis Tools
Published Date: 2010-01-19

For use with ACA's Youth Camp Outcomes Battery

Please be sure to save the Excel files to your computer before adding data! Also download the instructions for reference.

The following analysis tools are in Microsoft Excel

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Healthy Camp Toolbox
Published Date: 2020-03-16

The Healthy Camp Toolbox, developed through the support of Markel Insurance provides a variety of resources for addressing health and safety issues in camps.

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Camp. Learning. Outcomes. College.

Can you prove that you improve the 21st Century learning skills of your campers?

ACA offers data-gathering measures that focus on 21st Century learning outcomes. Questionnaires are statistically tested, camp-specific, age-appropriate, easily administered tools, AND they can be customized to your intentional focus.

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Why Were These Tools Constructed?

Many camp professionals are faced with the challenge of proving that they meet their program goals. The following tools — designed with camp professionals in mind — are:

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Academic research articles must contain information useful to camp professionals. All manuscripts must be the original work of the author and not currently under review elsewhere or previously published.
Research article ideas for Camping Magazine's Research column are accepted from camp researchers on an ongoing basis. The Research column reflects current findings of camp-related research in a format that Camping Magazine readers can use to improve the quality of their programs and staff and enhance the experience of the campers.
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Tools for Assessing Camp Program Quality
Published Date: 2015-10-13

A quality camp program is one that consistently promotes camper and staff growth and safety over time. Experts in youth development have identified things camps can do, from staff practices, activities, policies, and overall camp climate, to support youth development, which also serve as a rubric for continuous program improvement. With your own camp as a baseline, these tools can help your staff plan and practice camp program quality, and assess the effects of your improvement efforts over time.

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