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The Quiet Ones
Scott Arizala, May/June

A Meeting of the Minds: Camp Directors, Higher Ed, and College Students
Kim Aycock, MST; Debra Johnson, ReD; and Gwynn M. Powell, PhD, January/February

Signing on the Dotted Line: Commitment Is a Two-Way Street
Kim Aycock, MST, May/June

Yes Only Means Yes Until Something Better Comes Along: Making Camp the Best Offer for Gen Z Staff
Kim Aycock, MST, March/April

Expanding the Impact of Camp: From Individual Lives to Societal Change
Dan Baum and Katie Johnson, January/February

Food, Fire, and Fun All in One: Why and How to Offer Outdoor Cooking at Camp
Cindy Brown and Robin Galloway, July/August

Embracing and Empowering Gen Z
David Bryfman, PhD, September/October

Presidential Fellows: A Program for Leadership Development at Camp Twin Lakes
Josh Cagliani, M Ed, and Dan Mathews, M Ed, CTRS, January/February

Building Community through Camp
Samantha Clark, September/October

I Respect That: Consent Education and Assault Prevention
Stephanie "Ruby" Compton, March/April

Stronger Together: Finding True Diversity through Empathetic Listening
David Martyn Conley, November/December

Because We Love It
Greg Cronin, MPA, CCD, May/June

Courageous Honesty: Critical Camp Conversations
Bob Ditter, March/April

#NotHereAtCamp: Creating a Camp Community Safe from Sexual Harassment
Bob Ditter, May/June

Tough and Tender: An Optimistic Trend in Male Staff
Bob Ditter, September/October

Meet Hakeem Oluseyi
Marcia Ellett, January/February

Programs Innovatively Investing in Campers’ Futures: 2018 Eleanor Eells Award Winners
Marcia Ellett, July/August

Indigenous Instructional Programming for Camp Professionals
Stephen Fine, PhD, and Thomas (Tad) McIlwraith, PhD, March/April

Camper Allyship
Ann Gillard, PhD, May/June

Reaching Out: Building Relationships and Engaging Underserved Populations in the Camp Experience
Maysee Yang Herr, PhD, and Cathy Scheder, EdD, March/April

High Anxiety: Are Smartphones Upping the Angst Ante?
An Interview with Nancy Cheever, PhD, September/October

Inspired Learning through Deep Nature Play
An Interview with Joseph Bharat Cornell, November/December

Camp Legends: For Love of Camp and Country
A Personal Perspective by Jay Jacobs, September/October

Move from New to Normal: Be the Friend You Want at the Beginning
J. Joy James, PhD, Lisa Olsen, MS, and Gwynn M. Powell, PhD, May/June

Evaluating Bereavement Camps
Irene Searles McClatchey, PhD, LCSW, and Jane S. Wimmer, PhD, July/August

Summer Camp: Moving along the Continuum of Inclusion
Kimberly D. Miller, MS, CPRP; Stuart J. Schleien, PhD, CTRS, CPRP; Ginger Walton, MSN, FNP, CNLCP; and Lisa Tobin, MS, September/October

Money Wise
An Interview with Ron Lieber, March/April

Parenting Trends and Challenges Facing Youth: What Camp Professionals Need to Know
Audrey Monke, MA, November/December

Teaching Your Campers the Art of Friendship
Audrey Monke, MA, May/June

You Are What You Think: Growing Mindsets at Camp
Lance Ozier, EdD, May/June

Communication Strategies to Create a Positive and Safe Camp Experience
Sarah Paver and Zachary Wahl-Alexander, PhD, March/April

Performing Arts Programs at Camp: The Need for Creativity in a Digital World
Julie D. Polkes, July/August

Summer Camps, Fire, and Emergency Communications: Six Lessons Learned during a Fire at Camp
Ari Polsky, July/August

2017 Camper Enrollment Survey: Changing Issues Include Increases in Campers with MESH Needs
Victoria Povilaitis, March/April

2018 Business of Camp: Interesting Trends and Otherwise
Victoria Povilaitis, September/October

The Restorative Powers of Nature
An Interview with Florence Williams, January/February

Learning to Rise Through Research and Evaluation
Mary Rogers, M Ed, March/April

Positive Discipline
Howard "H" Rothenberg, September/October

Making Mental Health Matter at Camp
Aaron Selkow, November/December

Video Games at Camp? Are You Kidding Me?
Lenny Silberman, November/December

15 Questions about Search Engine Marketing for Camps on the Web
Eric Stein, March/April

Play Ball: An Innovative Staff Training Helps Campers Acclimate
Michael Stern, March/April

Courage, Not Comfort! Part II
Posie Taylor, January/February

On Bodies, Beliefs, and Bias: Why Respect for Human Rights Is Unnatural
Christopher Thurber, PhD, ABPP, May/June

Building an Army of Asking Ants
Diane Tryrrell, CCD, MA Ed, January/February

Ten Tips and Tricks for Terrific Teaching
Diane Tryrrell, CCD, MA Ed, May/June

Happy Campers: A Counterintuitive Conversation about Youth Mental Health
Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, May/June

Hunters and Farmers: Why ADHDers Can Thrive at Summer Camp
Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, January/February

Internship, Test Prep — Or Camp? Summer Planning amid the Noise and Haste
Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, November/December

No Retreat: Convening Communities of Caring in Times of Loss and Grief,
Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, September/October

When Competition Is Just Right
Mark Warren, November/December

The Psychology of Camper Success
Andrew Watson, MA, M Ed, January/February

Camp and Culture: The Core Competencies Deeply Engrained in Culturally Responsive Camp Leaders and Counselors
Sonya Whitaker, EdD, September/October


Building Principles

Generating Your Backup Plan
Rick Stryker, PE, March/April

Rick Stryker, PE, July/August

How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck?
Rick Stryker, PE, November/December

By the Book

Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity, by Kim Scott
Marcia Ellett, September/October

In the Trenches

Chain Mail Bullying
Bob Ditter, January/February

Bob Ditter, July/August

A Sample of Issues from Camp 2018
Bob Ditter, November/December

Moving Forward Together

Positive Futures
Tom Rosenberg, January/February

Project Real Job
Tom Rosenberg, March/April

Learning Perspective in Camp Communities of Empathy
Tom Rosenberg, May/June

"What Is Past is Prologue" — Investing in Our Future
Tom Rosenberg, July/August

Preparing for Happiness in Career and Life
Tom Rosenberg, September/October

World-Class Career Development
Tom Rosenberg, November/December

A Place to Share

The Good Reminder
Dave Thoensen, January/February

Traditions Old and New
Daniella K. Garran, March/April

Happy Camping, Y’all!
Katie Sheets, May/June

Safe Haven for Learning
Kelly Cryts, July/August

Camp Manito-wish: A Century-Old Philosophy of Life
Vicki Bachmann, September/October

What it Means to Be a Buddy
Anna Carter, November, December

Recipe for Success

Solving the Certification Mystery
Kimberly Whiteside Truitt, CFM, January/February

Collaboration Fulfills the Mission: Camp Staff Unite
Kimberly Whiteside Truitt, May/June

The Importance of Standard Operating Procedures
Kimberly Whiteside Truitt, September/October


Great Things Have Small Beginnings
Ross Turner, January/February

The Making of a Lifelong Camper
Stephen "Snacks" Smigielski, July/August

Camper to Career: The Unique Path and Importance of Becoming a Summer Camp Professional
Kat Harlan, September/October

Why I Hate Parenting Books
Christopher Thurber, PhD, ABPP, November/December


Research Camp Staff Can Use at Camp, in School, and Beyond
Laurie Browne, PhD, May/June

Program Outcomes at a Resident Camp for Youth with Serious Illnesses, Disabilities, and Life Challenges
Alice Hall, PhD; John Peden, PhD; Jerri Kropp, PhD; and Dan Mathews, M Ed, CTRS, July/August

Research You Can Use: Summer Camp as a Place Apart
Rob Warner, November/December

Risk Management

The Role of Insurance in Risk Management
Edward A. Schirick, CPCU, CIC, CRM, January/February

Orienting Your Camp Nurse: Tips for Success
Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN, March/April

The Power of One, the Rule of Three — What Do These Numbers Mean to Me?
Suzy Rhulen Loughlin, May/June

Become Trauma-Informed: Add Capacity to Your MESH Toolbox
Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN, July/August

Are You Prepared for a Bear? If Not, How Will You Respond to an Armed Intruder?
Suzy Rhulen Loughlin and Jason Russell, September/October

Did You Know? Update Your Knowledge
Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN, November/December